Friends 22, is there a new potential couple within the school?

Friends 22, is there a new potential couple within the school?
Friends 22, is there a new potential couple within the school?
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The twenty-second edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi it is increasingly proving to be an inexhaustible Source of new loves!

In fact, there are already many couples who have come to form within the class, from Niveo And Rita Pompilito Matthias Zenzola And Magdalene Svevifrom Gianmarco Petrelli And Megan Ria passing through the controversial relationship between wax And Claudia Welcome back.

According to today’s daytime, however, there would be another sympathy that is emerging, that between singers little g And Federica Andreani.

During the afternoon fragment of Friends today, in fact, the two boys, in the room together, talked about the attraction they feel for each other, revealing that they both feel a ‘strong energy’ towards each other.

Federicahowever, confiding in Tommy Dalihe confessed that he is afraid to indulge the feelings he feels towards little gbecause he fears that if things go further, and if things don’t work out, the friendship between them will also be penalised: “If you throw yourself and ruin everything? I don’t like it, because what I have now I like it. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t feel like being in a relationship…“said the singer


The daytime later showed the two boys continuing to flirt, and Federica confess to little g his fears of ruining the relationship.

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How will it end between the two singers? Will they choose to stop and preserve the friendship or will they jump in and try to live the feelings they have for each other?

The article is in Italian

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