“He lost a tooth …” Michelle Hunziker, the truth about the photo with her daughter Aurora

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Michelle Hunziker has recently posted a photo on her Instagram account that she portrays with her daughter Aurora and added a really funny comment to the post.

The web is full of photos of Michelle Hunziker together with her daughter Aurora. In fact, the two usually pose together for various shots which they then promptly post on their respective Instagram accounts. It doesn’t matter if they are continually attacked by haters (who never miss an opportunity to express judgments on their appearance). The mom-daughter duo couldn’t be more united.

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Has Michelle Hunziker lost a tooth? The truth

Furthermore, for some months now, there has been talk of the young Aurora, who is waiting for her first baby (which will be a boy, as announced by herself). Mum Michelle couldn’t be more excited to be a grandma soon and she’s sure to be one of the cutest grandmas around! Furthermore, the famous Swiss presenter recently posted a photo of her together with her daughter in which, for an optical effect, she seems to be missing a tooth. Which the most attentive fans immediately pointed out to her. And she wanted to respond to her comments with this photo with her 26-year-old daughter.

In the photo in question, Michelle and Aurora pose very close, face to face. Aurora is immortalized in the act of blowing a kiss on the cheek to her mother, while Michelle looks smiling towards the camera. “There are people who, due to an optical effect of the last post, are worried that they have lost a tooth” wrote Michelle accompanying the photo. “Here’s the smiling photo that proves they’re all where they should be!”

michelle hunziker missing tooth
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The presenter then added, immediately below: “However incredible that one can really think that you have lost a tooth”, also inserting a laughing emoticon. In short, no dental problems for Michelle, who for the moment can keep well away from a dental office. Of course, her question is legitimate: how can you believe that the attractive presenter has really lost a tooth from one day to the next?

Certainly some could justify themselves with the fact that Michelle is used to practicing the karate. Even if the fact that during a training session some “real” punches could be flown is quite unlikely. In any case, Michelle has never made a secret of always taking great care of her teeth. It is not for nothing that she has been the testimonial of a well-known brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes, Oral B, for years.

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But where does this real one come from? Hunziker’s obsession with oral hygiene? It seems that since childhood Michelle has always paid attention to carefully brushing her teeth after each meal and flossing. A cure, according to her, truly obsessive. Could this be, perhaps, the secret of her absolutely perfect teeth?

In all likelihood oral hygiene has always played an important role in the beauty of the presenter’s smile (who in fact has always been admired for her contagious smile) who posted a last, hilarious comment before going to bed that same evening: ” I go to sleep peacefully with all my teeth… An Oral B testimonial without teeth… I’m sick”.

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