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photos on Instagram in lingerie and heels

photos on Instagram in lingerie and heels
photos on Instagram in lingerie and heels
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The transformation of Arisa in recent times it is there for all to see. The artist has definitely changed, breaking all taboos and proposing different shots than in the past. The girl from Sincerity it hardly exists anymore, or at least from a caterpillar it has turned into a splendid butterfly, after a difficult path, made up of acceptance, respect, choices that we have not always understood, but which in fact do not concern us. In the latest shots on Instagram, Arisa is “The girl from Via Pozzillo”, with a veil, lingerie and stockings.

Arisa is “The girl from Via Pozzillo” on Instagram: the photos

There are seven photos that Arisa has posted on Instagram for a look that we can definitely define “unusual”. A detachment from the past, when the “girl from Via Pozzillo“He fought his demons, bullying, difficulties related to weight, to his outward appearance. The artist, in social shootingis at “home”, in Potenza, in his homeland.

Via Pozzillo is the perfect backdrop for say goodbye to the pastto symbolically greet the girl who sang Sincerity. Today Arisa is an established, famous, followed and appreciated woman. She and she is also a woman who has asserted herself, who has sought love for herself. You are no longer the teenager of the rural landscape, between unspoiled nature and a dream in your heart. The look, then, is yet another confirmation of who she has become over time.

Arisa’s look, which “breaks” with the past

“That part of me, that it never obeys anything“, He wrote on Instagram, accompanying the photos. Because that’s exactly how it is, and she has shown it several times in recent times: she has no intention of giving in to the pain of the past. He wanted to be reborn, Arisa, and she succeeded. From nudity shown on social media to an outfit that shows her as she is today: she dresses in sensuality, with hold-up tights, high heelsone lingerie with bra and thong.

And there is also another detail, a black veil on the head, for a look that is sensual and provocative at the same time. The photo shoot was incredibly liked on social media, leading to comments of support and support from his followers, who were delighted by such an intriguing and mysterious outfit. With the veil – bride or widow – metaphors are wasted.

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Arisa’s transformation

Arisa – pseudonym of Rosalba Pippa – was born in Genoa, but grew up in Pignola, a town located a few kilometers from Potenza. The teenager from Via Pozzillo has come a long way: from Sanremo in 2009, which he won, with the song Sincerityhe immediately conquered the public with simplicity and familiarity, with that talent he has cultivated over the years.

But the artist has not remained the same: we have seen her grow up, assert herself, become a woman, turn 40, say she wants to have a child alone, chase love and defeat the demons of the past, finding peace with his body. She is beautiful, of course, but above all true, and no longer afraid to show herself, as she is: courageous, with her armor, and that much sought-after sensuality.

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