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The caress of Charlie Gnocchi’s daughter – Big Brother VIP

The caress of Charlie Gnocchi’s daughter – Big Brother VIP
The caress of Charlie Gnocchi’s daughter – Big Brother VIP
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Alfonso Signorini jokes with Charlieprovoking him his personal story and the VIP states: “I have a story of an eternal child who has always played”.
The host wants to know why, in the morning, the comedian draws coffee pots on sheets of paper and the VIP: “The coffee maker is a mother, who runs, dances and gives you energy”.

Charlie describes the designs that are projected on the screens and these coffee pots are often accompanied by a cup. What do they symbolize? A daughter.

“What do they remind you of?” asks the conductor and the comedian “They remind me of my grandmother, my mother, their coffee”.

“One of your works is missing, the one that gave you great joy 25 years ago” with these words from Alfonso Signorini, the VIP is invited to reach the courtyard, where his daughter is waiting for him. A surprise that freezes the comedian.

Several photos are projected on the LED: the relationship with her daughter told in frames, the radio, the smiles, the games lived with her daughter.

“Hi Santa! I’m talking for once” introduces the young daughter of the VIP “Since you always give the charge to everyone, I am here to give you the charge”.

Charlie despite the freeze speaks anyway and is taken up by both Signorini and his daughter. “You are hyperactive, always on the move” notes the daughter “Even with the microphone off, I can still hear you. You are a living radio”.


A few recommendations from the daughter: “Suck a little less!” Then the grandmother’s request, to make cappelletti together, as soon as Charlie returns home, as late as possible, the comedian’s daughter points out.

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“Carolina, what dad was Charlie?” asks the conductor “He always pushed me to pursue my passions. A good-natured dad.”.

The competitor’s daughter urges him not to lose his spontaneity, although this can exasperate someone. Charlie, at these words, regains all his smile, and perhaps the energy and words he needed.

“When I go out I’ll introduce you Antonino says the father, but the daughter: “I want to know Alberto. With this smile, father and daughter greet each other and hope to see each other again as late as possible.

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