Victoria De Angelis, star of America: the topless performance drives fans crazy | Maneskin in ecstasy


Winning is never good, but if Victoria plays then everything changes. Ask De Angelis, a real Maneskin star who, with her bass, is becoming more famous than Damiano.

Or at least it’s on the right track. American fans confirm: they can’t help but admire a woman on the rise who is able to outperform the competition without any awe, precisely because her style makes the difference.

Victoria De Angelis, star of America: the topless performance drives fans crazy – foto rete

Too many times in the past they’ve labeled it the wrong way. The reason is due to an evolving culture that did not see a personality exposing itself to the point of revolutionizing the customs and morals related to them. Irreverence often mistaken for coarseness leads to the impossibility of appreciating something new: for this reason, judgments soon gave way to the curiosity to understand and analyze.


Victoria De Angelis, the diva of America: Maneskin bassist plays topless

Victoria De Angelis remains topless and drives fans crazy

Victoria remains a stage animal precisely because of her way of taking over the scene and immerse herself in the role of the public to the fullest. Precisely because she dresses them and tears them up usual to perform without frills. The last performance in the United States saw her topless and the audience greeted the decision with a roar. His only suit was the bass. Able to dress the notes and her body with grace, elegance and irreverence.


The possibility of understanding these new trends also makes the most aficionados dream for a long time they wanted a female icon so to feel part of something that is fueled with music and charm. For once we are not talking about painful notes, but about merit. The situation must be managed in the best possible way without too many prejudices: stereotypes are fought with a pinch of madness and more courage. Victoria understood this long before some of the admirers.