Bonolis and I have only enlarged the house, we do not sleep separately

Bonolis and I have only enlarged the house, we do not sleep separately
Bonolis and I have only enlarged the house, we do not sleep separately
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The great protagonist of this television season is told in an interview signed by Lorenzo Farina: children, Paolo Bonolis, GfVip and private jets. Nothing is missing.

Sonia Bruganelli, the great protagonist of this television season as a Big Brother commentator, returns to tell her story in an interview signed by Lorenzo Farina for Vanity Fair. Many themes, including an unsuspected passion for Georges Simenon (This shouldn’t come as a surprise as he still curates a column known as “Sonia’s books“). He also tries to find out how much truth there is in his character; the answer comes immediately: “So much, now I believe it too”.

A new maturity

Cohabitation with Paolo Bonolis when he was 24, marriage at 27 and the arrival of the first daughter at 28. Sonia Bruganelli, it seems, has forged ahead: “Now I am 48 years old and with the maturity of now if they told me” you can go back “maybe I would wait a bit, because I don’t know how Sonia would have been if instead of facing that path she had waited for a different maturity”. Motherhood: “Maybe I think she came from a conviction of who I wanted to be, without an awareness of everything I could do before becoming a mother, this might have made me a different person”.

The relationship with the children

Sonia Bruganelli explains her relationship with her children: “I learned with the birth of my daughter Silvia that you cannot control everything”.

You know I tried to control everything. You do not eat raw, you do not take the plane, you know those things you do during pregnancy in short, and what happened to her who was born with a heart disease happens to you, and you say “check what?”. There you learn that you cannot control everything. What do I teach my children? Live for the day, but with the awareness that you can prepare yourself better. They are lucky enough to be able to choose, because they have a family behind them that gives them this possibility, most people work to live and at some point have to choose between dreams and reality, so what I tell them is to understand what this dream is to be ready.

Coexistence with Paolo Bonolis

Separate rooms with Paolo Bonolis? The topic has become public knowledge and great discussion on social networks. Sonia Bruganelli explains it better:

But look, it just happened that the lady who lived next to us passed away, so he vacated the apartment, and we said why don’t we expand? And I suggested that we would not have expanded but I would have gone, because the house needs to be restored and I want to do it to my taste, because I have lived in a Bonolis-style house for 20 years. So yes, I will physically go to the other apartment, but it will be connected from two doors to the other. They wanted to raise a fuss, but in reality it is like saying I widen the house. “The neighbor is dead,” she summarizes her like this.

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The relationship with social media

The topic of social networks could not be avoided. Sonia Bruganelli has often been criticized by social media for flaunting her well-being, private jets, luxury bags. She explains: “I do not go to people’s homes to put up a poster” look how I am “.

I am an entrepreneur, my husband has worked for Mediaset all his life, a private broadcaster, we pay taxes, we don’t get rich on anyone’s shoulders, so what’s the problem if I drink expensive champagne, if I buy a luxury bag , or if I go on a private plane what do I pay for? Shouldn’t I show it? It is disturbing what you ask of me, they are saying “do it, because I know you can, but don’t show it to me, make fun of me”.

And precisely on private jets, Sonia Bruganelli recognizes that it is a law that will never pass: “The private jet is a political provocation to foment the factions, it is the daughter of the desire to create social division”.

Sonia Bruganelli and the Prati-Gate

On the Prati-Gate, the case of Mark Caltagirone and Pamela Prati, Sonia Bruganelli has not yet taken a position: “I can’t spoil too much because we will address the topic in the program but I can tell you what I wish for Pamela Prati. I think she has the opportunity to reevaluate herself in the public eye after what happened. I hope she is able to do it because I suppose is his last chance “.

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