A Life Spanish Advances: Rodrigo finally free!

A Life Spanish Advances: Rodrigo finally free!
A Life Spanish Advances: Rodrigo finally free!
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The Spanish Anticipations of Una Vita, the soap opera broadcast every day on Canale 5, reveal that Aurelio will finally let Rodrigo free, who, first of all, will look for his wife …

With today’s Spanish Anticipations of a Lifethe soap opera broadcast every day by Mediaset, we discover that Aurelio, finally, will free Rodrigo! Obviously first he will make sure that the formula he gave him is correct. Once out of the clutches of the Quesada, the young man will try in every way to recover the love of his wife. But let’s see together what the previews of the episodes that will be broadcast soon on Channel 5.

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A Life Spanish Advances: Rodrigo is a hero

If there is a character who deserves public appreciation, that is Rodrigo. It is true that he has disappeared from the life of Valeria for a long time, but, after all, it was a case of force majeure. As soon as he arrived in Spain, the young man did everything for his wife: and even though Genoveva kidnapped him, he ran away and ran to the girl. Yet, he endured the worst tortures in order not to give Aurelio the formula of nerve gas: a truly heroic behavior.

Rodrigo gives in to Aurelio’s blackmail, in the Spanish Anticipations

Rodrigo he is still a human being and, in the end, he gave in. But not for himself, he would continue to endure: no, the Mexican hit him in his sweet spot. Aurelio, in fact, has kidnapped Valeria from her and brought her in front of her husband. At that point she put him in front of the choice: his wife’s life in exchange for the formula. And so, Rodrigo capitulated.

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A Life Spanish Advances: Valeria between David and Rodrigo

Aureliosatisfied with what he has achieved, he is ready to free the boy. Obviously, first he makes sure that he has told him the truth and thus verifies the formula. Only then does she let go Rodrigo who, at this point, goes direct to Acacias. His goal is to recover his wife’s love. We remember that she had promised him to run away with him, even if she had done so only because she felt indebted … 29

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A lifethe Spanish soap opera, airs every day at 14:10 on Channel 5.

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