Gf Vip, Attilio Romita against giucas Casella: “Old slobbering”

Gf Vip, Attilio Romita against giucas Casella: “Old slobbering”
Gf Vip, Attilio Romita against giucas Casella: “Old slobbering”
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The former half-length of Tg1 did not send them to tell the illusionist; criticism also of Soleil Sorge by Cristina Quaranta and Patrizia Rossetti

Posted on: September 22, 2022 12:13 pm


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The seventh edition of the Gf Vip started less than a week, but the new competitors are already settling into the house. And, judging by the comments that we have heard in the last few hours, they already seem to have sharp claws. Still no quarrels between the Vippos, but some of them have not spared criticisms and decidedly unflattering epithets towards those who, in the most spied on house in Italy, stayed there last season.

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Attilio Romita against Giucas Casella

First of all Attilio Romitafamous half-length of Tg1, who speaking with Sara Manfuso he lashed out at it Giucas Casellaamong the most beloved contestants of Gf Vip 6. The journalist indulged in some comments referring to the fact that the illusionist had been the protagonist of a shower together with Delia Duran And Lulù Selassiè: “There was Giucas Casella, the last edition, who was taking a shower with two girls who rubbed each other on him. And there was him who stretched his hands on these two girls. But the thing went on for a quarter of ‘ Now. Look, it was a very slimy and ugly thing. To see this slobbering old man being teased by these two beautiful girls and trying to grab some skin. The scene was just terrible, “said Romita.

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The words of Cristina Quaranta and Patrizia Rossetti on Soleil Sorge

But the latter was not the only one. Also Cristina Quaranta And Patrizia Rossetti they did not spare themselves, criticizing this time Soleil Riseswhich this year is at the helm of the Gf Vip Party. “I did not like Soleil and he made too strong jokes against Miriana, if I had been her I would have reacted. Trevisan and I were colleagues and we are at the antipodes. In relation to Soleil, however, she was a lady, she lacked I respect in a strong way. If Soleil Sorge had told me “you woke up with menstruation”, since I am in menopause, my butt would have turned. Miriana had already said that she had been operated on. it must never be lacking and the disrespect must never be there. I go out of my mind if you disrespect me. If you provoke me on a weak point you are bad and you have free spite and I send you to fuck or. I Soleil would have taken it and drowned it I tell you clearly “, ha confessed Forty. And Rossetti has increased the dose: “Soleil never let anyone talk. I didn’t like her. She will have culture and can speak languages, but she has not proved to be intelligent, she has shown to be rude. Her often was sought nastiness. One intelligent, she knows how to respect others. From what I saw, I didn’t like her. She may have been attacked often, but she did everything she could to be attacked. “

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