Do you remember the winner of Amici Sergio Sylvestre? Today no one would recognize him anymore

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Friends by Maria De Filippi is the talent show that represents a good springboard for young people who want to build a career on their passion. There are many singers and dancers who try to be among the graces of the masters.

After this television experience, many were the guys who managed to reach the pinnacle of success e among these we have the singer Sergio Sylvestre. It’s been years since he performed at the studio center, but what has become of him today? Let’s go find out.

Sergio Sylvestre to Amici –

The new edition of the talent show began on Sunday 18 September 2022. Surely many viewers were glued in front of the small screen for the guest of honor Can Yaman. The latter gave the new students some shirts, after which he greeted everyone present. Veronica Peparini And Anna Pettinelli they are no longer there, as they have been replaced by respectively Arisa And Manuel Lo.

Like every year there will be squabbles between them because of different opinions on the boys. As for Sergio’s singing talent, the masters have always expressed the same opinion. Ever since he first performed, his skill was evident. It is no coincidence that he won an edition, subtracting the victory cup from Elodie. Many wonder what happened to it. She actually always sings, but with a different name.

Sergio’s artistic choice

Born in Los Angeles on December 5, 1990, he is now an established singer in Italy. At the beginning of his career he made two albums: Sergio Sylvestre And Big Christmas in 2017. Among his most famous songs we remember Big boytitled just like her new stage name. He chose this change to renew and make his image original.

His latest work was done in collaboration with i Room 9 and it is titled Rollercoaster. On all music platforms it is the most clicked song, clear sign that the wave of success always rides. It is no coincidence that she also had the opportunity to perform on the stage of Live beats.


The question of the hymn

Some time ago Sergio was the interpreter ofMameli’s anthem before the match Napoli and Juventus at the Olympic Stadium. During the performance he forgot a line and, although he recovered with difficulty, he moved on. He was heavily criticized on social media.

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Sergio Sylvestre today – Source Instagram – Solospettacolo.itFortunately, Elodie and some fans came out in his defense. “Some players pretend to sing it, but they don’t even know it and yet they are Italian” And “I don’t understand so much nastiness there were some breaks. Sergio is great. How many stupid absurd controversies … For me it was pleasant “here are two of the many comments in his favor.

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