“Here’s what happened.” Spinalbese’s confession on the quarrels with Belen

“Here’s what happened.” Spinalbese’s confession on the quarrels with Belen
“Here’s what happened.” Spinalbese’s confession on the quarrels with Belen
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After months of rumors, rumors and indiscretions (more or less true) Antonino Spinalbese broke the silence about the end of the love story with Belen Rodriguez. And she did it in front of the big brother vip cameras, right in the house where she had ensured she would not talk about her ex about her. Instead, in the past few hours the hairstylist originally from La Spezia has done some statements unexpected and private, which the director promptly censored.

According to some sites, Belen would have invited him “warmly” not to talk about their relationship, much less about her as a person, under penalty of a lawsuit. But in the past few hours Antonino seems to have found himself so at ease with some roommates that he indulged in decidedly private confessions. While talking to Charlie Gnocchi, the former partner of the Argentine showgirl revealed: “There were photographers, i gossip, his world. There were so many problems that arose. We were two things too different, two worlds apart. If one loves one another, do you say that it is enough? God I don’t know if the good is enough in a story. Now I think it had to be like this“.

The disease and then the Gf Vip

It seems like an eternity has passed since Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese broke up. The couple said goodbye at the end of 2021, a few months after the birth of their daughter Luca Marì and after two and a half years together. But only in January 2022 did the Argentine showgirl confess that she was a she “single mom“But a few months later she gave her marriage another chance, returning to her ex-husband Stefano De Martino.

Rodriguez never wanted to reveal details of their breakup, like Antonino who – after discovering that he had an autoimmune disease at pancreas – has been a guest on numerous television broadcasts without ever mentioning the ex. The hospitalization, the treatments to live with the disease and his daughter brought him to the fore and Alfonso Signorini wanted him inside the house of the Gf Vip.


The words on the crisis with Belen

The promise not to talk about Argentina, however, was broken immediately after his entry. “It had nothing to do with my life and I with hers”, she said shortly after crossing the red door of Cinecittà. And then came new details on the difficulties experienced in the couple: “I always left home. We argued and I left, I ran away. I hate i quarrels and so I reacted by running away. But I don’t deny anything with my ex, also because then we had a wonderful baby girl“And in all likelihood his words, even if they refer to himself and the attitudes he had during the relationship, will not please Belen.

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