Clemente Russo, interview between the gym, boxing and the Trento Festival

Clemente Russo, interview between the gym, boxing and the Trento Festival
Clemente Russo, interview between the gym, boxing and the Trento Festival
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The former blue boxer, one of the guests of the Trento Festival, told the Gazzetta about his life after retirement, with sport always at the center: “A question of mentality”

Michele Antonelli

September 19

Daily commitment remains the common thread. From years in the ring to today, Clemente Russo he has always put one imperative first: “Give your best, despite everything”. Class ’82, born in Caserta and raised in Marcianisehe spent a piece of his life with boxing gloves, giving prestige to Italian boxing with two titles world cup (2007 and 2013), a European (2005) and two Olympic silver (Beijing 2008 and London 2012). “The victories won helped me to soothe the pain of defeats. After all, sport has given me so much.”

And it remains part of everyday life.

“It has been since I was 6 years old. I started with cycling and football and at 10 I approached boxing, the love of my life. I have been competitive for 30 years, I cannot leave the world that formed me. Today I am technical director of Blue Flames Sports Groupbelonging to the Penitentiary Police Corps, and I’m about to start a collaboration with the Italian boxing team “.

And then, it promotes the importance of physical activity.

“I ride in various Italian structures thanks to the ‘Train like a Champion’ initiative by McFit, of which I am ambassador. We try to make people understand the importance of psycho-physical health “.

Does he still put on his gloves every now and then?

“Only in exceptional cases, for example if there is a hand to help friends who are struggling with the preparation of some meeting. When it happens, it is like going back in time”.

How does Clemente Russo stay fit today?

“In shape? Let’s not overdo it.” And she laughs. “I am 40 years old and I recently quit, I am fine considering the circumstances. After the retirement I relaxed, today I no longer do excruciating workouts. If before I went to the gym 2 times a day, now 3-4 times a week are enough to stay well and set a good example. It is right for a former sportsman to continue to follow certain principles even at the end of his career, it is a matter of mentality. You have to get busy and maintain a correct diet, perhaps with a few more whims “.

“As a good Neapolitan I go crazy for pizza, but I only eat it every two weeks because I have particular tastes. From the double dough to the sauce, I choose non-canonical solutions. I almost put the pizza chef on it too (laughs, ed). When I decide to eat it, I enjoy it. “

One of his great passions is horse riding.

“I come from the countryside. In my house there were no tractors to work the land, only wagons and horses. I learned to know and understand them, I became passionate over time and today I also train with them. I like western riding. or American “.

Could you take a photo of your career?

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“The sporting life at a high level is a swing of emotions, good moments often alternate with more complicated situations. I fondly remember my first World won a Chicago, in 2007. The biggest disappointment was perhaps the defeat in the round of 16 in Athens 2004, my debut at the Olympics. But it was worth it. “

What goes into an athlete’s head after retirement?

“Sometimes depression can take over, it’s not easy to change life all of a sudden. Some athletes decide to devote themselves to other activities, thus overcoming the deadlift phase. In any case, motivations count and I don’t lack. treasure of the experience acquired, to pass on to young people what I have learned over the years “.

And what values ​​are you trying to convey to your daughters?

“Sport is important because it is first of all education. The older one already does dance and artistic gymnastics, the little girls approach calmly. One would like to do judo like her mother (ex judoka Laura Maddaloni, ed), the other has already told me that she wants to go into boxing. I will start training them soon, I promised. “

With McFit, he will be among the protagonists of the Trento Sport Festival, organized by the Gazzetta.

“During the four days of the Festival I will hold ten lessons in the open air. They will be bodyweight workouts, supported at most by tools such as the kettlebell and focused on strength and endurance. They will be lessons for everyone, only the intensity will change depending on the individual level of preparation. We will also have a small space dedicated to boxing… “.

Give us a reason to participate.

“If you want to have fun and break the monotony, you just have to train with ‘Train Like a Champion’. Sport is energy, start unleashing yours”.

To register and train with Clemente Russo at the Trento Festival click here

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