Against alcohol new crusade. It is not with prohibition that health is protected

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ROME – “It is now clear that the crusade against alcohol is the new crusade, which must be carried on with no ifs and buts, just as it happened in the past for red meat. Forgetting that only a few months ago in Strasbourg the EU countries rejected the thesis that alcohol is harmful regardless and that the difference between abuse and moderate consumption has been highlighted, WHO presents a plan under the banner of prohibition, which puts spirits as well as wine and beer on the index. In countries like Italy there is no problem of binge drinking, wine is consumed in limited quantities, during meals, and is fully part of the Mediterranean Diet which is an intangible Unesco heritage ”.

Thus the undersecretary for agricultural, food and forestry policies, sen. Gian Marco Centinaio, comments on the framework for action on alcohol 2022-2025 illustrated in Tel Aviv at the 72nd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe. The plan provides for higher taxation, a ban on advertising, marketing and promotion, health warnings on the label and less availability of alcohol.

“More than actions to protect health, they are actions to destroy important economic sectors in countries like ours. The problem is not this or that product, but the dose of individual foods, the variety of diet and lifestyle as a whole.

In Italy, wine is culture, tradition, expression of the territories. After the attacks on meat came synthetic meat, on which huge economic investments were made. In a few years we would not like to find ourselves – again in the name of health protection – even in front of synthetic wine ”, concludes Centinaio.

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