How to recognize if an egg is fresh or not, the ‘grandmother’s trick’ is always current

How to recognize if an egg is fresh or not, the ‘grandmother’s trick’ is always current
How to recognize if an egg is fresh or not, the ‘grandmother’s trick’ is always current
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It is very important to know if an egg is fresh or not, because it affects our health. Here’s how to do it.

Buy eggs it is one of those “mechanical” actions we do in the supermarket. Then we go home and put everything in refrigerator. But the Optimal food preservation is important because our health is at stake.


The egg I’m a nutritious and healthy food. Their consumption, obviously moderate, is foreseen in almost all dietary regimes, obviously except for singular needs. It is also true, however, that poorly stored eggs carry dangerous bacteria. We should even avoid too many changes in temperature on the way from the supermarket to home. Why do we risk facilitate the proliferation of Salmonella. It is not uncommon that what we buy, in fact, is already contaminated.

Therefore, consuming eggs, even cooked, must be done correctly, and above all making sure that they are fresh. In fact, it may happen that you do not remember the expiration date, because it is written on the package that we have already thrown away. Or maybe it is illegible on the shell. Or because we bought fresh eggs straight from farmerand in those the expiration date is not written at all.

Luckily we can take advantage of the old tricks that our grandmothers used too. When they used eggs taken directly from the hens and – even they – they didn’t have time references to understand if they were still good or not.

How to recognize if an egg is fresh or not, the ‘grandmother’s trick’ is always current

If we want to find out the freshness – or not – of an egg we can adopt different systems. Which work, even if they are “dated”. First let’s try using water and salt.

Let’s get a glass and fill it halfway with waterthen add a pinch of salt And we mix. We then immerse theegg and let’s see how it behaves. If it goes to the bottom it means that it is fresh. Self floats in half water means we must hurry to eat it. And especially in this case well done.

Also breaking the eggs we can understand if they are fresh or not. Just look at the white. If it is “gelatinous” and full-bodied, that’s fine, while if it appears more watery it is likely that the egg is not very fresh. Especially if the yolk also appears “flat”. We can still eat it, but even in this case after a complete cooking.

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A final system consists in the shake the egg. If we feel a sort of “shock” it means that it is not fresh and we should not consume it. In fact, the interior must remain compact.

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Finally, those who wish to carry out a more modern “experiment” can use the cell phone flashlight. Pointing it on the egg we will see to his internaland in particular we will notice the bag at the ends. If the sac is large it means that the egg “has passed”. This is because as the days pass, the gas bag gradually replaces the main material, namely yolk and white.

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