The danger of pasta with worms does not stop: that’s why not buy it

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Pasta is and will always remain one of the most consumed and widespread products in the world, and moreover, it is completely impossible not to say that the best industries producers, Italy is undoubtedly found in our country. Here is some little information about our beloved pasta. This productin the technical field, it is defined as “pasta“. It is a food based on various flours of different origins, which are usually dictated by the different cuisine and culture specific to the region in which it is produced.

Furthermore, we can find it in all kinds of shapes, which range from pasta (suitable for the little ones) up to lasagna. Cooking must be done in boiling water and salt. As mentioned before, pasta is considered a cornerstone of italian cuisine. But this is not enough for this product not to be at the center of various controversy and consumer complaints. To be more precise, in the last period many Italian consumers and not only have sided against the most famous Italian pasta industries.

Their sole purpose is to highlight a serious problem that has long been overlooked, namely the presence of worms And insects inside the packages. This is exactly what started the investigations on various brands (some of them even very famous). But unfortunately they have not only confirmed the complaints of the consumersbut they also revealed the presence of various substances, considered by law, harmful to ours body. Let’s see together what it is specifically, and let’s try to understand what we really eat.

Unfortunately, in the course of our life, it often happens that we do not eat completely healthy foods and origin doubtful. This happens because often to ensure that the foods remain fresh and in good condition until arriving at our tables, they are treated with harmful substancessuch as i pesticides. The worst thing is that most of the time we are unaware of all this.

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Therefore, it is vital that everyone knows what risks they really face if they unfortunately ingest a product that contains very high levels of pesticides. In addition, the various examinations carried out on famous brands of pasta, did not result only in the presence of glyphosatebut unfortunately also of mycotoxins, to be precise, two for each type of pasta. In greater quantities we have the Deoxynivalenol, which are very dangerous for health of children and the elderly.

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