Dangerous brand of canned tuna on the market, don’t buy it: that’s what

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The canned tuna it is certainly a versatile food suitable for the preparation of many recipes: whether it is summer salads, sandwiches, a nice plate of pasta, or a condiment for a tasty sauce, tuna is certainly one of the most common ingredients on the tables of Italians. Affordable price and practicality are its strengths but, on the other hand, it is good to be aware of the fact that the consumption of canned tuna it can cause severe damage to the health of our body: let’s see why.

Have you ever wondered what happens to our body? As a result of too high an intake of canned tuna, this food can cause problems side effects even very serious: for this reason it is good to limit its consumption to 2-3 times a week. The health risk associated with this ingestion is first and foremost intoxication from mercury. This element is waste from various industrial processes and is constantly released into the oceans, seas and rivers, thus becoming an integral part of the marine ecosystem and river.

Fish inevitably come from it contaminated and, following the fishing processes, the mercury then ends up on our tables and unwittingly ends up ingesting large quantities and high levels of mercury in the blood can compromise our health. Marine microorganisms process this substance, transforming it into a more toxic one, which takes the name of methylmercury. This element accumulates mainly in the fish large size, such as own the tuna fishwhose meat is particularly impregnated with it.

This neurotoxin it is able to cause a lot of damage to the organism that hosts it and among the most common and frequent symptoms occur: itching with tingling of the feet and hands attached; muscle and general weakness of the body, coordination problems and even speech disorders. In pregnant women, intoxication from methimercury it can also cause severe repercussions to the central nervous system of the fetus, compromising its good development.

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Nutrition experts recommend, from 10 years of age, the weekly consumption of at least 3 portions of fish. However, these fish products must necessarily be selected on the basis of potential mercury content and it is therefore advisable to prefer shrimp, perch, lobster, salmon, oysters and sardines. In this way you can guarantee the supply of the most precious Omega 3without risking your health in the slightest.

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