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The influencer, after walking on the red carpet in Venice, had health problems and was hospitalized

Published on September 10, 2022

Beatrice Valli, after walking on the red carpet in Venice, he accused of health problems. The influencer, who was the protagonist on the red carpet in the lagoon a week ago, was then hospitalized. She announced it herself, after disappearing from social media for a few days, an unusual fact that alarmed the fans. Along the evening of Saturday 10 September, it was the former face of Men and Women who solved the mystery relating to her ‘inaction’ from web platforms, telling, through an Instagram Stories, that she was unwell and that she had to go in hospital. Fortunately, his condition is improving. You can tell from the fact that she has been discharged.

The choice to rely on hospital care was caused by dizziness. It is not the first time that the young woman has found herself facing this health problem. “Sorry for the absence, but my usual dizziness has knocked me out. I just got released from the hospital. I’m a little better “, Beatrice explained via social media, reassuring her large fanbase.

Beatrice Valli discharged from the hospital

. Beatrice Valli discharged from the hospital

Beatrice Valli and vertigo: symptoms and causes

Dizziness is a symptomrather than one pathological condition, as explained by the portal of the Higher Institute of Health. They tend to be caused by balance problems that involve the functioning of the inner ear, but they can also be triggered by problems that occur in certain parts of the brain.

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Dizziness makes people feel a feeling of disorientation, who perceive the environment in which they act as if it were moving or rotating. This symptom varies according to the intensity with which it occurs: it can be mild or so powerful that it does not allow you to maintain balance and carry out daily activities.

Accompanying dizziness may be other ailments, such as high temperature, ringing in the ears (tinnitus or tinnitus), and hearing loss. Attacks of vertigo can occur suddenly and last from a few seconds to a few hours; in severe cases even days or months.

People who constantly suffer from vertigo can see their daily life compromised. In most cases, the dizziness improves and disappears without any treatment.

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