New health card victim of the microchip crisis: keep the old one

New health card victim of the microchip crisis: keep the old one
New health card victim of the microchip crisis: keep the old one
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The old health card must not be thrown away. Even if it has expired and if, in the meantime (the sending has started a couple of weeks ago), the Revenue Agency has delivered the new one that will last until 2028. It is not necessary if the new one, unlike the old one, does not have the golden square, the microchip, which allows access to some services. (In current consignments there are lots of cards equipped with microchips)

What can be done with the new

The new version was decided by the Ministry of Economy and Finance with a decree of last June. The data shown on the new card are unchanged (name, surname, tax code, place and date of birth), so much so that the document is valid to be shown in the pharmacy to receive the “talking receipt” necessary for any deductions related to the purchase of drugs – but also as a tax code. The new card without a gold chip can also be used as a European health assistance card (Team) and to be shown in case you need medical assistance in the countries of the European Union.

What can not be done

With the card without microchip it will no longer be possible to book specialist visits, but it will no longer be possible to use it as a National Service Card to access the digital tools of the public administration, such as electronic signature, identification and online authentication.

The alternative

Not being able to use the new card in relations with public administrations is not a problem for citizens because, in fact, there are already two alternatives. Access to these services is ensured by having an electronic identity card or Spid credentials (public digital identity system). The one and the other more and more widespread among the population.

The extension of the old

If you want to continue to use the old National Services Card (the one with the golden micrichip) to access public administration services, you can do it until 31 December 2023. However, its duration must be extended before the deadline by accessing the site and using the special software made available by the Ministry. For the operation it is necessary to be in possession of the Pin code of the old card.

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“From the point of view of access to users’ health services, the impact is quite limited. Of the 18 million accesses to the electronic health record registered this year in Lombardy only 2.3% it was carried out through the National Service Charter – says Letizia Moratti, Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region -. Spid digital identity and electronic identity card are valid alternatives that can already be used and used. Furthermore, a new service will be created within the year, which will allow the prescriber to consult the exemptions of the Lombard patient by entering the health card number ».

Moratti renews an invitation to citizens: «The indication is in the meantime of keep the old card with the chip, so that it can be used if necessary, following the Mef instructions for updating the software ». In any case, explained Ettore Fiore, head of the Welfare sector of Aria, the regional company for innovation and purchases of the Lombardy Region, “the registration system through the reader and the card begins to be dated and is certainly simpler. to use for citizens the electronic identity card and the SPID, two tools now widely used “.

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