Health card at risk, will online services still be available? The problem is very serious

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The consequences of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine are not only those that are seen with the naked eye. There are many other things that are affected by the conflicts and the Coronavirus which, even if in a subtle and subtle way, are afflicting everyday life even in small details.

Health card –

One of these, which in the end is not a trivial detail, is the so-called semiconductor and chip crisis, which in the technological age is equivalent to saying “catastrophe”.

One of the sectors that could soon be hit by the lack of chips and raw materials to build them is Italian healthcare: in fact, soon those who renew their health card will find themselves having a new one without a chip, but what will happen in that case to online services related to the card?

Health card without chip: this is what will happen in Lazio

Chip –

Of course, the lack of a chip on the Health Card could create a big disservice, especially in the system for booking medical visits. The councilor for health of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato spoke about it, who made statements to ADNKronos.

“For us it is certainly an inconvenience – said the commissioner D’Amato – The problem for health cards will be there as soon as they expire and the new ones arrive. The anomalous thing is that the one with the chip expires and is replaced by one without. Instead of going forward, we go backwards ”.

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In this regard, the commissioner explained that the Lazio Region is preparing for this eventuality “by creating a task force with Laziocrea and the Asl to anticipate any difficulties in tracking data and health records “.

It was the first to sound the alarm Sogei, whose spokespersons stated in an official statement that “the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition and with the Revenue Agency and thanks to the support of Sogei, given the serious international crisis that determines the possible scarcity of the materials necessary for the production of the microchip present on the Ts-Cns (health card and national service card)“.

In order to avoid disservices to citizens in accessing online services through Cns – continues the note – with the Ministerial Decree of 9 June 2022 it provided for the circulation of the health card also in a simplified version (without the microchip); a necessary measure as the precious materials for the realization of integrated circuits are currently difficult to find, not only in our country and not only for the production of cards“.

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