Measuring diabetes: here are all the methods, even without getting stung

Measuring diabetes: here are all the methods, even without getting stung
Measuring diabetes: here are all the methods, even without getting stung
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Measuring diabetes is possible even without getting stung, do you want to find out how?

As we all know, blood sugar can be measured by means of a normal collection of venous blood from the arm or with self-monitoring thanks to the help of an instrument called a reflectometer. It detects blood glucose by means of a drop of capillary blood taken from the fingertips of the fingers.

There are many people who fear needles and at the sight of blood, they faint. Unfortunately they cannot use this method because they feel bad. Measuring diabetes therefore becomes complicated! Technology comes to the rescue and has created some tools that can help these people.

Measuring diabetes: here is an innovative method

There are small sensors to measure the glucose without having to prick your finger. A minimally invasive control with minimal aesthetic and psychological impact and that does not require calibration to work.
The sensor remains applied to the body (applied to the back of the arm) for up to 14 days and can be worn at all times. The reader passes over the sensor and detects the glycemic value painlessly and quickly, in less than a second, even through clothing. The glucose data is then displayed clearly and intuitively on the color touch screen.

These systems work thanks to a electrode mounted on a flexible cannula that the diabetic himself places in the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen. The blood glucose readings are transmitted to the insulin pump where the data is displayed within five minutes.
The glucose sensor ensures a continuous reading of the data. The system is absolutely painless.


The most advanced systems also include software capable of connecting to the PC and giving information regarding blood sugar during the various periods of the day. Some are created with sound devices that alert you when your blood sugar goes too high or goes down.

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The technology, in this medical sector, has totally evolved. To guarantee people useful and painless tools.

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