These are the cured meats that are most bad for cholesterol: be careful

These are the cured meats that are most bad for cholesterol: be careful
These are the cured meats that are most bad for cholesterol: be careful
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These are the cured meats that are bad for cholesterol and that we should consume as little as possible so as not to aggravate the problem. High cholesterol is a risk factor for developing heart disease. Although most people know they should avoid fatty red meats, few realize that cured meats have the same amount of saturated fat – and sometimes more – than steak.

Even turkey has more than one gram of saturated fat per pound. If you want to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, it is best to limit your intake of red meat and processed meats. The WHO recommends consuming red meat no more than 3 times per week and limiting the intake of processed meats, such as bacon or ham, to no more than 200 grams per week.

The problem with cold cuts is that we do not realize that we consume them in abundance, as they mostly serve as side dishes and sometimes even as snacks before eating the meal. By doing so, however, we unconsciously increase the intake of proteins, fats and salt which are not good for those with cholesterol problems.

These are the cured meats that are most bad for cholesterol

Chicken and turkey cured meats often come in the form of meatballs and are often processed with chicken or turkey hot dogs. Just like hot dogs, these cured meats often contain high amounts of sodium, nitrates, and artificial flavors. In addition, they are high in fat and calories, so it is good to pay attention to the frequency of consumption. They are accompanied by the word “light” and this leads us to believe that we can consume them in abundance. We pay the utmost attention, however, not to exceed the dose of maximum 200 grams per week.

If we want to avoid high cholesterol, we consume as little beef as possible. These often come in the form of mortadella, salami, bresaola. They often contain a high amount of sodium and spices, which can have a negative effect on blood pressure when consumed in high quantities.


The same goes for cured meats made with pork, such as mortadella, cooked and raw ham, speck, etc. Also in this case you must always pay attention to the quantity you consume. It can be difficult to determine, because sometimes the ingredients are not listed on the label. The high levels of sodium and preservatives, as well as fat, affect our well-being by making digestion more cumbersome and therefore slowing down the entire system.

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Among the cured meats we can also include sausages such as sausages that we often use in place of cold cuts. We make super protein sandwiches that hide a good sausage and cooked vegetables inside. But even sausages, alas, are often full of fat, sodium and preservatives. So if we want to avoid high cholesterol, we just have to limit the intake of pork sausages.

In practice, can you not eat anything? It is not true. We can resort to food rotation. According to which, if one day we eat meat, the next day we eat fish or legumes and so on.

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