How to firm arms and legs with these effective exercises

How to firm arms and legs with these effective exercises
How to firm arms and legs with these effective exercises

With the warm season advancing, you have to be prepared for the costume fitting. If we want to go to the beach without worries and wear our favorite clothes, we will need to know how to get in shape.

A good workout remains the best method, especially if it targets multiple critical areas of the body. With constant physical testing you can lose weight, as long as you combine a diet free from excesses.

Thanks to the proposed card, we will see how to tone some parts dear to women. Specifically, we will work on the limbs, explaining how to firm arms and legs with these exercises.

Constancy and seriousness at the base

It is useless to go around it, there are no miracles that make us find the line in a short time. To regain the lost body, we will have to work hard. Constant and regular exercise is perhaps the best possible means, so we try to find some free time to train during the week.

By perseveringly following the set goals, we will finally be able to rejoice in having reached the desired goal. But before starting, let’s not forget to always do an adequate warm-up, which prevents injuries.

How to firm arms and legs with these effective exercises to wear skirts and vests without fear even at the age of 50

Here are the exercises for the arms to do at home: for the first, let’s start standing. We approach the wall and place our hands on it, keeping our arms folded, beside the shoulders. We give ourselves a push to move away from the wall, then we return to the starting position. We repeat everything 20 times.

Second exercise: from a standing position, we spread our legs slightly and stretch our arms in front of us. After crossing the fingers between them, we bring the hands above the head by pushing the chest forward. We slowly return to the starting point and repeat the exercise for 2 series, of 10 repetitions each.

Third exercise: we take two weights in our hands, then we start with our arms at our sides and our legs a little open. We slowly raise our arms up to the shoulders, then up over the head. We return to shoulder height and repeat the movement, doing 2 series of 10 repetitions each.

Leg exercises

We crawl on all fours, with our arms parallel to our shoulders. We stretch one leg back and hold the position for a few seconds. We repeat the exercise, alternating right and left leg.

Second exercise: let’s get up from the ground and keep the chest straight. Let’s get up on tiptoes, contract the buttocks and stay in position for a few seconds. We return to the initial position and perform the movement again 15 times.

Last exercise: let’s lie on one side and place the hand under the head. We begin to raise and lower the leg above for about fifteen times, before switching sides.


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