Kidney stones, here’s how to prevent them from forming

Kidney problems affect a great many people who, in most cases, do not notice it. This is why it is essential to resort to periodic visits to one’s health status which help to highlight the onset of some disorder early. But preventing stones is also possible by adopting a specific lifestyle that helps kidney function.

The function of these two small organs is to purify the organism; inside them all our blood flows which is literally cleaned of waste substances then diverted into the urine and expelled from our body.

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Kidneysin addition to the purifying function, they also possess the ability to produce some key hormones of our organism which contribute to the formation of red blood cells and consequently to the regulation of blood pressure. This is why it is of fundamental importance to preserve its correct functionality through small daily precautions that help their activities.

Lifestyle and healthy nutrition are important to preserve the kidneys

The first precaution must be taken at the table: choosing foods low in protein, sodium and phosphorus is an excellent practice to stimulate kidney work. But for a balanced and varied diet it is possible to prefer vegetable proteins over animal ones that should be avoided. Green light therefore to lentils and beans, excellent meat substitutes.

Foods high in phosphorus, which then should be abolished or at least reduced in our diet, they are mostly cured meats, flours, bran and egg yolk. To reduce the amount of this element from food, it is possible to adopt an unknown stratagem. Just keep the food in the refrigerator for about 8 hours before cooking. You can then proceed to boiling taking care to change the water halfway through cooking.

To reduce the presence of sodium in our diet we recommend prefer spices as flavorings for food, avoiding excessive use of salt; for the same reason, the intake of cold cuts, aged cheeses and pickled foods should be abolished or at least reduced.

Drinking two liters of water is essential for kidney function

The last, but perhaps most important of all to help the body keep the kidneys in perfect health, it is the advice to take at least two liters of water a day; it does not need to be packaged as it is also possible to drink that from the tap. To reach the exact quantity of liquids to ingest, it is useful to help us with herbal teas, cranberry, grape and fruit juices with a high water content.

Drinking lots of water helps kidney function (web Source)

If you decide for a water to be found on the market, it would be good to choose a slightly mineralized one that does not weigh down the small purifying organs. However, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità points out that a recent study has shown that the consumption of tap water does not favor the formation of stones.

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