Prostate cancer, this food among the causes: do not eat too much of it

News causes prostate cancer, a study adds to those made in the past and highlights an aspect of great importance.

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Prostate Cancer Causes, a subject that is always very delicate and which receives constant updates thanks to the progress made by research and the progress achieved in the laboratory. It has long been known that the unregulated intake of certain foods leads to an increase in the chances of contracting this disease.

Disease that is the exclusive prerogative of the male population. Prostate cancer can strike at any age and one of its causes is precisely the intake of a very common food. In particular, industrially treated red meats, which are rich in nitrites and nitrates, must be consumed in limited quantities.

These substances have the task of prolonging the conservation of the meat and preserving its excellent appearance. But once in the stomach, the digestive processes lead to their transformation into nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic. An important presence can be very dangerous.

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Causes prostate cancer, taking ham and the like under accusation

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Red meat, sausages and cold cuts are under accusation. It is necessary to eat a contained quantity within a typical week of nutrition. There is a study, which lasted seven yearswhich analyzed the eating habits of over 100,000 people who used to eat these foods every day.

At the end 3311 subjects developed tumors to the prostate in the case of men and to the breast in women. And these two represent the most widespread forms of serious disease in this situation, then other types of disease also arose.

The study in question also highlighted the dangers of taking the equivalent of two slices of ham a day, whether raw or cooked. Doing so would put an individual at serious risk of contracting prostate cancer (in 58% more for men, ed) and breast cancer (+ 25% in women).

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What happens if you eat too much red meat, other pathologies arise

Sliced ​​raw ham
Sliced ​​cured ham (Pixabay)

It is clear that eating too much red meat is bad for your health. And not only for the intake of nitrites and nitrates but also for the fact that it is a food that, if eaten every day in all its forms, provides a high amount of fat.

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With the consequence that you end up gaining weight easily, also favoring other serious health problems, such as excess cholesterol and defects in the cardiovascular system. Expert dieticians and nutritionists therefore recommend limiting the intake of various steaks, fillets, sausages and cold cuts to once a week, twice a week.

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