The unvaccinated will save humanity

The unvaccinated will save humanity
The unvaccinated will save humanity

Below is the speech given by Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier during a recent demonstration against the green pass and health dictatorship, in which we recognize all the truth, the freedom and the science in conscienceto which 3V has always proposed to affirm.

“There are images, also extraordinary for me, of small bacteria even in the intestine, which are full of viruses. And this is a battle between bacteria and viruses, which must be defeated even with proper nutrition and hygiene. It is not just the vaccine that will cure it, but it is the combination of treatments that will eliminate this disease. There was a huge strategic mistake, something was synthesized and isolated, a huge strategic mistake.

Contrary to what was said at the beginning, these vaccines do not protect absolutely, and this is coming slowly. This is scientifically recognized by all today.

It is not only scientific experiments that say it, but also all patients on whom the effects have been analyzed to prove it. Instead of protecting as it was said, they can even promote other infections.

The protein that has been used in vaccines for this virus is actually toxic, it is a poison. Vaccines are not born to kill but to protect and there have been many deaths, even young sportsmen who have had major problems, because of this vaccine. It is an absolute crime give these vaccines today to children. It can also cause very serious nerve diseases in the brain.

Due to the long-term effects of this vaccine, there are a lot of people who are dying.

Neurological pathologies they can also occur from the first dose, and not only from the second. Even today, no one can predict how many of these people who have been vaccinated now will have major neurological problems in the future.

I ask all my colleagues to absolutely stop vaccinating with this type of vaccine.

Doctors today are perfectly informed of what I am saying, and therefore they should intervene immediately because the future of humanity is at stake. Many countries have forgotten about treatments, there is not only the vaccine, there are drugs that have not been used and that work very well, such as antibiotics.

It depends on you, above all on you not vaccinated that a tomorrow they will be able to save humanity. Only the unvaccinated will be able to save the vaccinated.

Vaccinated who will, in any case, contact the medical centers to be saved.

We must avoid listening and giving a voice to those who do not have the right to do so and let science speak. I repeat: it is the unvaccinated who will be able to save humanity.

At the beginning, the large pharmaceutical multinationals were very interested in vaccines for an economic issue.

This has now overtaken them and we must return to respect for scientific truth. It is necessary to carefully monitor the evolution of the clinical situation, especially of vaccinated people with 1, 2 or 3 doses, because there are scientific studies that concern precisely severe brain pathologies. And the fog that has hit the scientific news must be suppressed. It is important that medicine and scientific truth appear accurate in the media and in the mainstream. Especially for people who have other pathologies, like cancer for example, it is very important that they are not vaccinated, because there is an aluminum that enters the cells and it is super carcinogenic, even more so, and therefore instead of curing the sick they make them die even earlier.

The research continues, and I and my whole team continue to research this virus. The research does not stop, we have not yet reached the point. Man will win if he focuses on the law of nature and only on that. Every citizen is free and must also follow political ideas, take advantage of the upcoming elections to express your opinion.

What would I say to a young person today? You absolutely must act, each of you, and find the truth hidden behind the lies. Long live freedom “.

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