Eating pasta with clams and artichokes: what happens to our body?

Eating pasta with clams and artichokes: what happens to our body?
Eating pasta with clams and artichokes: what happens to our body?
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Clams and artichokes are a combination that is very present in the Italian diet, mainly in the context of first courses (for example with pasta) but also in the preparation of side dishes and main courses. The two dishes have a compendium of very different flavors and nutritional properties but what are the effects on our body?

Eating clams and artichokes: what happens to our body?

Artichokes are an extremely beneficial Source for the body, to the point that it is difficult to advise against their consumption in the broad sense of the term: raw or cooked, artichokes are rich in vitamins but above all in antioxidants and fibre, nutrients which together can guarantee an important Source of “protective” food in view of various diseases and ailments, but also a good Source of protein, as well as, mainly thanks to the rich compendium of fibers that make up the vegetable.

Artichokes are also useful for limiting high blood pressure and the incidence of high cholesterol and blood sugar, thus making them compatible with the consumption of almost any form of diet.

Clams are part of the mollusc family, specifically they are bivalves widespread in the seas of the whole world and belonging to the family of Veneridaewhose most common form in Italy and the Mediterranean is the clam, which can be eaten both raw and cooked.

Like all molluscs in this category, clams are rich in protein and mineral salts, in particular selenium stands out, which is particularly useful for managing and improving the state of health of the heart and of the entire cardiovascular system.


The union between the two forms of food tends to be very positive as clams and artichokes are a good Source of nutrients capable of integrating and complementing each other, also useful in the context of weight control, as they are low-calorie foods.

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Be careful only to consume raw clams, without having ascertained the origin, especially those suffering from hepatitis should limit this form of consumption.

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