What is ‘Flurona’, the double infection from Covid and flu: the first case in an unvaccinated mother

They have already renamed it ‘flurona’, from the mix of the word flu (flu in English) and Coronavirus. This is what was recorded in Israel, where a woman giving birth was found positive for two infections during tests at the Beilinson hospital in Petach Tikva, in central Israel.

The young mother, according to the local website Ynet, is not vaccinated against either virus but fortunately is in good health and should be discharged shortly.

A case that the Ministry of Health is still examining: the objective is obviously to understand if the combination of the two infections can cause a more serious disease. Ynet also points out that some Israeli health officials have estimated that many other patients have been affected by ‘flurona’, but those cases have not been diagnosed.

Last year – said Professor Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the gynecology department of the hospital – we have not seen cases of flu among pregnant women or women in childbirth. Today we are witnessing cases of both Covid and influenza that are starting to raise their heads. We see more and more pregnant women with the flu ”.

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY – A double infection “a bit strange because in medicine it has always been said that if there is a virus that causes a disease, it prevents the development of another due to a different virus”, explains Roberto Cauda, ​​infectious disease specialist at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome and scientific advisor of the EMA.

One explanation, continues Cauda, ​​”could lie in the fact that Covid causes a defect in the production of interferon and this would open the way to the other virus, which in this case is the flu”. ” The case found in Israel – adds Cauda – induces to say even more vaccinate yourselves even against the flu ”.

THE FOURTH DOSE SUSPENDED – Israel where the fourth dose of the vaccine, which was due to begin on Sunday January 2, has been suspended by the government.

After the positive opinion by a group of experts of the Ministry of Health for the fourth dose for people over 60 years of age, health professionals and immunosuppressed, the final approval by the director general of the ministry did not arrive. of Health Nachman Ash.

A green light that would not have arrived, according to The Times of Israel, also due to the first data on the Omicron variant: according to the first results from the United Kingdom Health Safety Agency, people positive to the Omicron variant have 50 to 70 percent less likely to be hospitalized than those with the Delta variant.

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