Tooth pain when you eat chocolate: that’s what it depends on

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When you eat chocolate, you may start to feel some pain in your teeth shortly after. Have you ever wondered what it depends on? Here we will try to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Not a few people could complain a uneasea ache to the teeth shortly after eating chocolate. There is a high probability that there is a link, in short, that what happens is not accidental.

Tooth pain when eating chocolate: what does it depend on? –

According to what they say sources medical, eating chocolate in particular, but also other sweet things, can cause a painful stimulus where there is already an ongoing tooth decay. Let’s see more details about.

Eating chocolate and toothache

Often there is a dental lesion already in progress –

In addition to what is described, according to the magazine scientific Humanitas, if you eat something very sweet in the presence of a cavity, you will have the aforementioned effect. Not just something sweetbut also something very hot or very cold produces the same effect. That is, a painful twinge, like a throbbing stimulus.

It is specifically a ache not particularly intense, but still acute. About the candythis happens most often with the chocolate where it is very sweet, in certain forms. Naturally, this will make us suspicious, but to be sure we will need a diagnosis from a dentist.

The dental check-up therefore arises as the appropriate way to practice to clarify the situation. It can not only be a matter of caries in the case, but also of other things. Me too’therapeutic approach it will not always be the same, uniquely, but it may be a filling, devitalizationextraction, or other interventions.

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However, tooth decay always remains the most probable hypothesis if you feel the localized twinge while eating chocolate, or even immediately after. The pain should to disappear when we brush our teeth, always if the caries is not yet at an advanced stage. But the dental check-up would be necessary in any case.

Remember to prevent this by brushing your teeth at least three times a day, immediately after meals, and also use dental floss to intervene on the most cryptic points, difficult to reach. Opt for one teeth healthy it is also the way to not have chewing problems, and consequently not even problems digestivesthen also swelling and burning of stomach.

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