Celine Dion, what disease does the singer have? The mystery of his health

Celine Dion, what disease does the singer have? The mystery of his health
Celine Dion, what disease does the singer have? The mystery of his health

Celine Dion has postponed the start of her Las Vegas tour due to health problems. One statement speaks of “severe and persistent muscle spasms”. But what exactly is it about?

Celine Dion (Getty Images)

Everything was ready at Resorts World to kick off the live shows of Celine Dion. But here is the press release that has frozen the many fans of the Canadian artist: no performances before March. The dates – from 5 to 20 November and from 19 January to 5 February – are destined to be rescheduled.

To break the news was the singer herself with a press release published on social networks: “I am heartbroken by this decision – it is read – My team and I have been working on our new show for the past eight months – continues – and not being able to start this November saddens me beyond explainable “.

“I am particularly sorry for disappointing all the fans who have made plans to come to Las Vegas – dice – Now I have to concentrate to get better: I want to overcome all this as soon as possible “. The show was to inaugurate a new theater at the venue, with the largest and highest stage in the city.

What makes Celine Dion sick?

In the press release published by the singer we talk about “Severe and persistent muscle spasms”, but no other details have been revealed. This, however, confirms the concerns that many fans have for some time about his health state.

For a long time, Celine Dion was the perfect image of well-being, source of inspiration for many artists, including Arisa among them. But after her husband René Angélil died in 2016, fans began to worry and fear for the singer’s health.

These concerns have intensified recently, when the singer appeared in public increasingly lean. She has always been reassuring the fans, revealing that she has always been thin and that exercise and diet help her keep fit.

Although Celine has never shown any signs of suffering on her physique, the tabloids continue to point out that the singer suffers from a “Incurable condition” that makes her lose weight and makes her sick. Furthermore, these sources suggest that the artist also suffers from some disturbance that could take away her voice.

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The fact that he postponed the tour only fueled these rumors. To influence this situation is also the unfavorable family inheritance. The mother Celine, in fact, had a macular degeneration that made her almost blind, in addition to deafness due to age. While the brother died of cancer.

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