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The new compelling noir by Alessandro Vizzino “The glass-eyed mosquito” (Mursia, pp. 274, Euro 17.00) published in the series Yellow jungle from Ugo Mursia Publisher

“Little it was. And she felt even smaller than she was, sitting in the dark on the bed of that cramped room with the smell of mold. She is only apparently free to move but in reality in a cage. Like a mosquito, she is ready to be crushed for a simple annoyance. Or for the taste of blood on the plaster of the wall. “

Thus begins the new compelling noir of Alessandro Vizzino “The glass-eyed mosquito” (Mursia, pp. 274, Euro 17.00) published in the series Yellow jungle from Ugo Mursia Publisher. A noir with an incessant rhythm in which Vizzino wisely mixes pressing dialogues and meticulous descriptions, exposing the Rome of the slums, the one that dresses up in guêpière and fishnet stockings behind the sparkling lights of the city center. A bewitching plot, full of events and twists, which leads the reader to an unexpected ending.

Rome. Valentino Mastro, former commissioner of the Rimini Police Headquarters, is a man on the border of the most lucid psychopathy, disheartened by life and with a personal sense of justice halfway between ethics and partisan interest. The discovery of the disfigured body of a beautiful Moldovan prostitute and a mysterious text message open up a series of leads for Valentino from which he will not be able to dissociate himself, while the police investigate him and he follows in the footsteps of an important national politician with an ambiguous profile.

In the most purulent slums of the suburbia Capitoline, straddling Rome and Eastern Europe, among corrupt policemen, gypsies and high-profile criminals, financial trafficking, old widows, withered prostitutes and leftovers from prison, Mastro will have to deal with his own history and, even before that, with itself, in order to arrive at a multiple ending that intertwines, clarifies and surprises.

Alessandro Vizzino (Latina, 1971) is a professional writer, editor and editor. He has six novels to his credit, as well as short stories and poems published in various anthologies and more than thirty national and international literary awards. His narrative repertoire is a continuous movement of genres, settings, eras, characters and styles.

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