the data of the last report Iss

the data of the last report Iss
the data of the last report Iss
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The latest report from the Higher Institute of Health shows a decline in the weekly incidence of Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the Rt index remains stable. Here are all the data.

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The incidence of weekly Covid cases at national level decreases, while the Rt index is stable. From the weekly report of the Higher Institute of Health it emerges that the decline in positive cases from Covid-19, in Italy, slowed down last week . THE positives descend in almost all regions and in some even a great deal, as in Calabria, where from 287 to 205 per 100 thousand inhabitants increase. “The weekly incidence falls at national level: 186 per 100,000 inhabitants (09/09/2022 -15/09/2022) vs 197 per 100,000 inhabitants (02/09/2022 -08/09/2022)“, the report reads.

But in some regions, the positive buffers start to increase again. Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany and Valle D’Aosta all rise slightly, by 4 or 5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, however, stopping the decline of the previous weeks. Regrowth is stronger in Umbriawhere the cases went from 219 to 257 per 100 thousand inhabitants, getting closer to the numbers of two weeks ago (260), and in the autonomous province of Bolzanowhere cases jump from 204 to 312, far exceeding the figures at the end of Augustwhen the positives were 256 out of 100 thousand inhabitants.

The national average is 186 positives out of 100 thousand inhabitants: it falls, but it is a less important decline than last week, when it went from 243 to 197. The region with the least positive is Pugliawith 128 positives for every 100 thousand inhabitants.

If Bolzano therefore records a growth in positive cases, this is not being felt in hospitals for now: the percentage of beds occupied by Covid patients is 6% in ordinary wards, and 2% in intensive care units. Numbers that are just above the national average, of 5.7% and 1.4% respectively.

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In this category, the numbers of theUmbria: here, the 18.4% of beds in ordinary wards (nearly one in five, and more than three times the national average) is occupied by Covid-19 patients. The data of the Valle d’Aosta (16.4%) and Calabria (14.2%), while compared to the national average they are particularly low Piedmont (3.3%) e Tuscany (3.6%).

In the intensive departmentsin general the level of employment is rather low, with several Regions that are even located at 0%. Among these there is the same Region which instead has the highest figure in the ordinary departments, theUmbria. Particularly above the average, however, is Sardinia: here the beds occupied in intensive care by Covid patients are 3.4%, more than double the national figure.

ISS Covid data table 15 September

In the end, “the Rt contagion index based on symptomatic cases is stable at 0.92 (range 0.88-0.97) in the period 24 August-7 September 2022, compared to the previous week. The transmissibility index calculated on hospitalizations decreased slightly to 0.81 from 0.88“, concludes the report.

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