Giovanna Boda, travels to Israel to get Covid vaccines and business in San Marino

Giovanna Boda, travels to Israel to get Covid vaccines and business in San Marino
Giovanna Boda, travels to Israel to get Covid vaccines and business in San Marino
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Gifts, transfers from San Marino and international favors. To the documents of the investigation into corruption that overwhelmed the former head of the Human and Financial Resources Department of the Miur, Giovanna Boda, and the entrepreneur Federico Bianchi of Castelbianco – there is talk of bribes for about 3 million to win six-zero projects -, there is also the attempt to obtain a preferential lane for relatives and for two collaborators to undergo the anti-Covid vaccine in advance.

Between February and March 2021, Boda, emerges from the interceptions, was in fact planning a trip to Israel – where the vaccine was already used – for parents and also for Lucrezia Stellacci, historical director of the Miur, also investigated: as president of the evaluation commissions of the projects presented by the schools, she would have received money and gifts from Bianchi di Castelbianco. It is March 2021, Boda informs the entrepreneur “of his desire to have his mother, father, Stellacci and Tinagli vaccinated – another collaborator in the Ministry, ed – and to put them on a plane that she will pay for, perhaps in Israel” , notes the Finance. He agrees and says: “I’ll take care of it.”

Bianchi goes out of his way to satisfy the umpteenth request of the manager, he is convinced he can earn more points that will allow him to obtain new positions. He calls a consultant friend of the CTS to inquire: «The people have become four, of the rompi c … monstrous».

He asks if it is possible “to send them to Israel, wherever you like, to get the vaccine.” The interlocutor asks for age and residence, “these have no desire to wait, I think”. And Bianchi: «The problem is that in this way I can earn points that allow me to do other bills, other things».

The man offers to call a colleague in Tel Aviv to ask if there are vaccines available. Questioned by the prosecutor Carlo Villani, owner of the file, Boda tried to justify herself: “I wanted to send my parents home, if they got vaccinated they could go … then there was Stellacci who told me: Giovanna please take the the possibility of getting vaccinated is serious, otherwise I will be forced to respect the rules they will impose and I will not be able to come to Rome any more ».

He claimed that he did not ask for favors or payments from Bianchi: «I had heard from the president of the Union of Jewish Communities that in Israel one could get vaccinated, I say that I pay for the plane at my own expense and he was in contact with one of the CTS. I simply ask him if he knew anything. When I read that he calls him and says: That break up c … let me do it because this way I invoice more … that is, I am fainted ».

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But the interceptions also tell of other possible income for the former executive. The prosecutor of Florence, in 2021, transmitted to the prosecutors of Rome a telephone interception between Vincenzo Solaro and Antonio Russo, of San Marino. Finance notes that these are members of the board of the San Marino Socialists and Democrats Party. Russo comments on the investigation into Boda and says: «There in the middle there is a very important one from San Marino, from the Diplomatic Corps, who gave 640 thousand euros, okay? And this idiot went to get them and put them in the bank, okay? San Marino must be very careful to do things, now the whole Diplomatic Corps is missing ».

And Solaro: “Oh did they do this bullshit?”. Russo replies: “That gets 2,500 euros a month, but how can you go and deposit 640 thousand euros in one go, if it’s not an inheritance or a win”.


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