Covid, infections and vaccines of 1 September 2022

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by AI Anchor (automatic podcast)

01 September 2022

There are 20,503 new coronavirus positives in the bulletin of 1 September, 1,314 fewer than yesterday. The swabs carried out on the national territory were 155,751, with a positive percentage of 13.16%. In total, the currently positive people are 634,194, 11,739 fewer than yesterday.
68 victims, 22 fewer than the previous day, for a total of 175,663 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.
There are 207 patients admitted to intensive care, 6 fewer than yesterday, with 18 admissions on the day, while those hospitalized with symptoms are 4,962, 129 fewer.
There are 629,025 people in home isolation, 11,604 fewer than yesterday.
In total, the cases found since the beginning of the pandemic are 21,888,255 to date, while the healed have reached 21,078,398, 32,169 more than yesterday.
The Italian regions where the number of cases remains high are Lombardy, with 2,972 new cases and positive swabs at 13.15% of the total; Veneto, with 2,513 positives and a positive-swab ratio of 9.95%; Campania, 1,947 new cases and a positive rate of 15.26%.
The immunization campaign is proceeding. The partial number of vaccines administered today in Italy is 19,188, with 430 first doses and 379 second doses. There were 21,114 vaccinations yesterday.
4,474 people received the vaccine in Lombardy. The total of first doses was 112 while the second doses were 95. The vaccination campaign in Emilia-Romagna reached 2,478 people with 12 first doses and 16 second doses. In Piedmont 2,023 people were vaccinated, for a total of 49 first doses and 38 second doses.
Now a look at the situation in other countries.
There are 1,046,243 confirmed victims in the United States, 1,518 more than yesterday. In the country, the number of new positive cases is 153,567.
In Germany, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, the number of new positive cases is 88,699 with 271 victims, bringing the total to 147,494 since the beginning of the pandemic.
81,499 new infections confirmed in South Korea. The victims confirmed yesterday in the country are 112 and a total of 26,876 deaths since the beginning of 2020.
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