Covid, RT returns to above one, cases increase by over 60%. Omicron 5 drives growth

Covid, RT returns to above one, cases increase by over 60%. Omicron 5 drives growth
Covid, RT returns to above one, cases increase by over 60%. Omicron 5 drives growth

After many weeks, it returns above the epidemic threshold of 1 the Rt and it could not be otherwise given that the curve has started to rise again. Now there is also the official status of the indicator that calculates the progression of the disease. The figure is 1.07 and reveals the increased circulation of the coronaviurs. To say this is the monitoring of the control room of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health, which records a phase that occurred immediately after the end of many preventive measures and while there is talk of new relaxation.

The incidence rises by 62%

The replication index of the virus, as now known, is calculated on the data of symptomatic positives from about ten days earlier. The weekly incidence is more updated, which instead refers to the last seven days. For this reason, it makes the increase that the infections are having much clearer. We are in fact 504 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants against the previous 310. A growth of 62%.

Hospitalizations on the rise

Even the RT of admissions, which takes into consideration the trend of hospital admissions of people with Covid, is above the epidemic threshold, at 1.16. After all, writes the control room, “the employment rate in intensive care rose to 2.2% as of June 23 against 1.9% on June 16. The employment rate in medical areas at the national level rose to 7, 9% against 6.7% “. However, these are increases that do not put the health system in difficulty, which is still able to manage the new entrances effortlessly. What is worrying is the prospect of a protracted recovery over time.

9 High-risk regions

The control room classifies the Regions and Provinces on the basis of the risk of progression of the pandemic. Well, none are at low risk but 12 are at moderate risk and 9 at high risk. “The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing activity is stable, that is, it is 9% versus 10% last week. The percentage of cases detected through the appearance of symptoms is increasing, 45% versus 44% and is the percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities was stable, 47% against 47% “.

Omicron 5 drives growth

There is no doubt that Omicron 5 is driving growth. The sub-variant, which is particularly contagious, is leading to a rapid rise in the curve. And precisely in this situation we are thinking about how to organize the autumn vaccination campaign.

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