Covid, how will the isolation of the positives change? “We imitate Switzerland”

Covid, how will the isolation of the positives change? “We imitate Switzerland”
Covid, how will the isolation of the positives change? “We imitate Switzerland”

When will the compulsory home isolation stop for Covid positives arrive in Italy? Perhaps the new increase in infections and the summer mini-wave will lead to a slowdown in this sense. Gianni Rezza, director of the prevention department at the Ministry of Health, much listened to by Minister Speranza, clarified a few days ago, even without speculating on dates, that “we will move towards a policy of accountability with respect to the virus. First of all, overcoming the obligation to isolation of the infected “. Maybe starting with the asymptomatic ones. Opening that was very much liked by Undersecretary Andrea Costa and Infectious Disease Doctor Matteo Bassetti, who reasoned as follows: “The isolation of the positives made sense when we were sensitive to the virus. Today, among vaccinated, cured and protected, we have reached 100% of the population . By maintaining the isolation we create a double track: those who swab alone at home do not communicate the result, while those who do it in the hospital must isolate themselves “.

A compromise should be found, perhaps looking abroad to assess whether someone has found simple and intelligent solutions. “The Swiss solution is intelligent,” says Carlo La Vecchia, an epidemiologist at the University of Milan. What is it about? “Those who are positive remain isolated for a week, then are free to go out without an additional tampon. The contagiousness is maximum starting from the day before the onset of symptoms, remains high for a few days, then decreases”. Giovanni Di Perri, head of infectious disease at Amedeo Savoia in Turin, also thinks: “In the first 3 days of illness, when the infectiousness is higher, it is not possible to go out. Afterwards, the isolation can be relaxed, unless do not come into contact with fragile people. Previously, declaring the infection was equivalent to receiving a dose of vaccine, for the purposes of the Green Pass. Now, once the obligation to obtain a certificate has disappeared, the interest in declaring oneself positive is no longer there “. He urges clarity.

“On the other hand, the goal is to live with the virus and if we talk about living together – is the reasoning of Undersecretary Costa – we can only remove the isolation for the positives”. So, he announced, “I am confident that in the next few weeks we will reach this choice as well, which would be a further step towards normality”. The hypothesis of stopping the mandatory isolation of positives is no longer an urgency for the government. But it could become very topical again if, despite a limited growth in hospitalizations of Covid patients, the number of Italians in home isolation were to exceed the one million bar, putting essential services in difficulty. Today as of today officially 647,292 people are in home isolation.


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