Triplendemic children: what it is and how to defend yourself

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In the last period children seem to be the “protagonists” of a new dangerous infection called Triplendemic. What is it and how to behave to avoid any complications? Let’s find out together in this article.

Triplendemic and children

As can be seen from the name, with the term “triplendemic” we indicate the simultaneous circulation of Covid, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus. Currently, children’s hospitals are overcrowded due to the circulation of this disease.

The director of the Cnr of Pavia, Giovanni Maga explained how children are literally targeted; there the main cause lies in the low percentage of vaccinated children in the face of a large number of children not vaccinated against Covid-19 and flu.

A Another trigger that contributes to the spread of the disease among children is close contact with other children which occurs in kindergartens, schools or other meeting places where the little ones spend a lot of time together. All this allows the transmission of microorganisms from one child to another.

What is respiratory syncytial virus?

respiratory syncytial virus

respiratory syncytial virus

The respiratory syncytial virus is an RNA virus belonging to the pneumoviruses. It is a ubiquitous virus, ie almost all children are infected within 4 years of life. Furthermore, this virus is responsible for real epidemics that occur in winter or early spring.

Despite the immune response from the infected organism, subsequent reinfections are possible; in fact, the percentage of contagion is equal to 40%. The respiratory syncytial virus is associated with lower tract pathologies in infants and is responsible for numerous hospital admissions each year of children under 5 years of age.

As already mentioned, the virus affects the lower respiratory tract and is responsible for bronchiolitis and pneumonia; these diseases initially manifest with symptoms attributable to the upper airways and then evolve and involve the lower airways causing cough, dyspnoea and shortness of breath.

The importance of vaccines to deal with the triplendemic

vaccine triplendemic

vaccine triplendemic


Again, we can state that i vaccines (if available) play a very important role. This concept, however, does not yet seem to be fully understood and shared by parents who neglect its importance.

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In addition to vaccines, it is undoubtedly necessary to apply preventive measures; in the case of respiratory syncyntial virus there are currently no vaccines available. Therefore, social distancing, proper hygiene are essential and it is also recommended to avoid crowded places.

What is the risk of this tripledemia?

Although many consider the flu a non-serious disease especially if children are affected, pediatricians are keen to point out that even in the smallest the symptoms can evolve in a dangerous way, even leading to hospitalization.

Other risk not to underestimate are older people; their now weakened immune system can be easily susceptible to attack by these viruses. Therefore, particular attention is recommended to avoid contact of sick children, affected with elderly people in order to protect them.

Clare Ricci

Clare Ricci

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