Milly Carlucci and the farewell to her husband, the truth is on everyone’s lips

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Milly Carlucci in crisis with her husband and towards separation? The news goes crazy: here is the truth about a fiery gossip

Milly Carlucci (Instagram) YESLIFE.IT

Milly Carlucci is preparing to debut, once again, with his own “Dancing with the Stars”the Saturday night program of Rai 1 which, despite its longevity, continues to be a great success to which the public always shows great affection.

The start is scheduled for mid-October and therefore is close at hand. Perhaps this is precisely why a news about the beloved presenter has spread on the web. We speak of a goodbye to her husband, Angelo Donatiwhat happens?

The marriage with Angelo Donato and their children

Milly Carlucci despite her notoriety she is a very woman reserved. She doesn’t like being in the center of gossip, like her whole family. She has been married since 1985 to her husband Angelo Donati. The two met in adulthood but have never left since they met.

Milly Carlucci and her husband (Ansa) YESLIFE.IT

Two children were born from their marriage, Angelica Krystle and Patrick Donati, very far from the world of entertainment. They too, like their parents, do not like the spotlight and in fact little is known about them. In the last few hours, however, news is spreading that is worrying all Milly Carlucci fans. We talk about separationis the romance of love over?

Milly Carlucci and the separation from her husband? The whole truth

So reserved and far from gossip, Milly Carlucci becomes overwhelmingly protagonist. In the last few hours on the web about her there is nothing but the farewell to her husband. A crisis that has come after so many bad moments that have been overcome?

Milly Carlucci and Angelo Donati
Milly Carlucci and Angelo Donati (Ansa) YESLIFE.IT

None of this. It is only one old story that jumped out again. Some time ago, in fact, the news had spread that the well-known presenter was about to separate from her husband.


Just a fake news, spread by a Panama site, combined with a sponsorship of a cream with a coupon to order at a discounted price.

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It was Milly herself who denied everything and branded it as a real one he cons which she underwent together with her husband reported to the postal police.


The article is in Italian

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