“I kissed her on the mouth and threw up for 7 days”, he humiliates Belen himself

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A truly embarrassing situation for one of the most loved and appreciated showgirls on the Italian television scene, Belen Rodriguez has received heavy criticism from a well-known character of the show.

A vip with a capital V that after a kiss on the mouth between the two said he had “Threw up for a week”, really not very nice and elegant as a comment.

Belen Rodriguez is certainly one of the most beautiful and admired women on television, there are many men who yearn to have her kiss, a dream for many and that few have been able to achieveyet one of the VIPs of our country, when he found himself in the situation of being passionately kissed by the beautiful Argentine presenter he reacted absolutely against and recklessly.

The Vip confessed following the incident that he didn’t like that kiss at all enough to make him feel bad for a week. Something extremely exaggerated unless the beautiful Belen had injected the victim with poison (an obviously unlikely situation), otherwise her words are really unflattering, especially because, however much you like the person or not, making such a heavy revelation really feels like a free and wanted attack.

But who is the well-known VIP who would have ‘threw up’ after a kiss on Belen’s mouth?

It is a well-known character of the Italian show business, singer-songwriter and lyricist among the most important of the Italian music scene who in a particular circumstance revealed that he had received a passionate kiss with a lot of language by the famous presenter and of having been vomiting for seven days.

The well-known Sicilian singer-songwriter and lyricist was on the set of Quelli che il Calcio to shoot a sketch when suddenly Belen would have caught him off guard giving him this kiss with the offending tongue, the same told an unexpected detail saying that the famous showgirl he would open his mouth and kiss him fervently.

The consequences of this passionate but obviously unwelcome act would have been a week’s malaise, so much so as to speak of ‘vomiting’, but who could ever say such a thing to the beautiful Belen?

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The kiss of discord, Belen kisses him and he feels bad

The famous Italian singer-songwriter who did not like Belen’s kiss is Christian Malgioglio, one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment scene of our country.

Originally from Ramacca, Sicily, Cristiano is the author of some of the most famous texts of the Italian music scene, but how could he have made such a strong affirmation of Belen’s confrontations? And especially after such an accusation heavy and humiliating did the replica of the beautiful Argentine presenter arrive?

Belen Rodriguez

Obviously Belen Rodriguez is certainly not a person who sends them to say, in fact his reply to the singer-songwriter with the blond tuft came like a tornado, the showgirl replied that rather than passionately kissing the oxygenated singer-songwriter he would prefer to make out with the well-known real estate developer Roberto Carlino. (Poor Carlino thrown in the middle of the feud for no reason).

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