Camilla Parker Bowles afflicted by excruciating pain: no one had noticed

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The reign of Queen consort Camilla did not begin under a lucky star, and apparently she is suffering a lot from her health conditions. What do we know.

Hindered for years for his role of lover not very secret, at the time of the lamentation Lady Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles little by little she managed to carve out a role in court life, alongside her Carlo, always a little aloof, never over the top.

Camilla Parker-Solospettacolo

She made herself so appreciated by those who saw her as a family wrecker, without taking into account that in reality it was always her. the love of Charles of England, forced into an imposed marriage. And today we look at it even more in a different light, knowing what it is going through.

Camilla alongside Carlo

In these sad days for the crown, after the death of Queen Elizabeth of England, which took place on 8 September, the commitments for the new King continued unabated. And beside him we have always seen his wife Camilla, to support him and support him in pain.

Like Friday when she walked him out Buckingham Palace to meet the crowd before his first address to the nation; or the next day, both standing for a long time, for about an hour in London, at the Accession Council where Charles was declared king. Not to mention the vigil at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh.

On Tuesday they met the crowd again in Northern Ireland and then returned to London when the Queen’s coffin arrived at Buckingham Palace.


The next day, Camilla accompanied the procession together with Kate, Meghan And Sophie after the procession carrying the queen’s coffin through London. Not everyone knows, however, that all this has faced him prey to very strong pains.

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The pains of a Queen consort

According to reports by some British tabloids, Camilla would be a few days before the Queen’s death fractured a toeprobably at home, although no other information has been released.

Despite the painful injury, the woman remained standing for hours and hours without batting an eye, even wearing shoes with heels, albeit low. As replies the SunContinue to fight and will not let a broken finger prevent her from doing her duty and what she must do for the king, the family and the country ”.

Camilla and Carlo-Solospettacolo

True, to be where she is now Camilla had to fight for a long time, and apparently she continues to do so stoically.

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