desperate subjects for little Leonor

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They are all desperate for little Leonor and Letizia Ortiz can not help but collapse, in the face of all this. What is happening in Spain?

Letizia Ortiz

Although the eyes of the world are focused on Queen Elizabeth II and on his long funeral, there are also other Royals in the world that arouse curiosity and are always at the center of Gossip.

It is the case of Letizia Ortiz of Spain of his daughters who are growing up, so as to take the front pages of the newspapers with everything they do. The queen has repeatedly confessed how difficult it is to see her children flutter away, this is the case of Princess Leonor. She studies abroad, and every time she goes back to school, the tears in the royal family are guaranteed.

The daughters of the Spanish sovereign they are no longer little girls and controlling them seems to be impossible. Letizia is desperate and so are the subjects who worry about the little girl of the Leonor family.

Who is Princess Alexia of Holland?

As mentioned, there are plenty of royals in addition to the English ones that fill the pages of gossip. It is the time of the daughters of the Sovereigns who are growing up and starting to be rebellious, always on social networks and with a transgressive / rebellious mood that certainly does not follow the protocol.


This is the case of Alexia from the Netherlands who is very often referred to rebel and capable of attracting gossip to himself. The Dutch Princess is a second child and plays a lesser role than her elder sister, the next Queen.

Many define her as the female Prince Harry, always ready to give “scandal” as in video by Tik Tok published by a friend of hers who sees her dance to the notes of a text far from the concept of royalty (the video has been deleted from the web).

Not only that, she fights for social, environmental and political rights and has no intention of keeping silent just because she plays the role of the Princess. It has been seen manifesting during the march for climate change and the photos traveled around the world in an instant.

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Alexia she is a 16 year old girl who is showing off his character, aware of being the center of attention and using his title to give voice to some battles. Mom Maxima supports her and talks about her successes that go beyond gossip, because freedom of thought and action is very important to her.

Letizia Ortiz worried: all desperate for Leonor

That of knowing the Princess Alexia up close it was a necessary step to understand some important things. Leonor, daughter of the Spanish sovereigns, she attended the same high school as Alexia in Wales.

They are both 16 and their friendship blossomed from the moment they shook hands. For Letizia Ortiz this was not good news and they are all worried about little Leonor, one polite princess and which follows the royal protocol to the letter.

Letizia is a mother and sovereign used to maintaining control over everything, for this reason Leonor has much less freedom of action than Alexia. The Queen and the Spaniards are worried about this new friendship that may not lead to anything good for Leonor’s future.

Letizia Ortiz worried
Letizia Ortiz

Portuguese media reported that according to Letizia, Princess Alexia would be spoiled and not responsible like the daughter. However, the two polyglot princesses communicate and have fun together, so much so that their friendship has already traveled around the world between media and social networks.

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