Eros Ramazzotti, the most precious gift for his pregnant daughter: “It’s the most beautiful …”

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Aurora Ramazzotti has been at the center of gossip for a few days about her alleged pregnancy, on which she has not yet expressed herself; but perhaps in the gift of father Eros there is the answer.

Daughter of Eros Ramazzotti And Michelle Hunziker, Aurora he is having a hard time finding his way; she often gets criticized for the name of the parents she gives him to haters they attribute his fortune. But Aurora is doing her best to fulfill her dream of becoming one good conductor like mom Michelle.

Aurora and Eros Ramazzotti-Solospettacolo

After trying several not very exciting experiences, such as the all new edition of Mystery renamed Mystery Landthe girl confessed that she would also like to do the singer but of not wanting to try for fear of inevitable criticism.

Aurora Ramazzotti and pregnancy

Recently involved in gossip, Aurora has decided to choose, for now, the path of silence. Since Signorini launched the bombshell that someone would have seen her and mum Michelle in the pharmacy intent to buy a pregnancy testthe voices that give it pregnant of the companion Goffredo Cerzachase each other relentlessly.

But Aurora, as mentioned, keeps a low profile and stated through a short and concise statement Handle: “I’ve always talked about everything, but this time respect my silence. Everything in its time”. But maybe it was just dad Eros Ramazzotti to reveal the secret.

Eros’s gift

During a recent interview leaving for her father’s tour, the girl admitted: “Music has always been a dream for me. But we are in Italy, we know what everyone would say. I am very honored that my father has involved me in this song ”.

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Aurora refers to the song of the father to whom he lends his voice and which gives the name to Infinite Beat Tour, which starts in Seville, Spain. The name of the song, dedicated to her daughter, would seem to validate the rumors about her pregnancy.

Aurora Ramazzotti on Instagram-Solospettacolo

In this regard Aurora stated: “He has always been very protective of his family, of me. He has always been afraid that I might hurt me starting this job, the fact that he involved me, he put me in the rights of the song, he virtually takes me on tour with him, is the greatest gift he could give me. He has never expressed himself in words, he has always done so through gestures and music. For me it is the sign of a great love “.

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