How much do Belen Rodriguez and Giulia Stabile earn at Tu Si Que Vales

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A great day today, or Saturday 17 September 2022, since it will see the long-awaited new season of Tu Si Que Vales. But no one has ever wondered how much they earn Giulia Stable And Belen Rodriguez. The figures …

Giulia Stable And Belen Rodrigueztwo absolutely high-sounding names today for our TV and above all for the Mediaset flagship network, or Canale 5, which starting tonight we will see again in the parterre of Tu Si Que Vales.

Giulia Stabile and Belen, the stars of You Yes Que Vales

For the second consecutive year, Maria De Filippi confirmed Giulia Stabile in the cast of Tu Si Que Vales. The former winner of Friends will sit next to Belen Rodriguez, Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara. In recent days there was talk of a change of role for the dancer and the replacement of her with Sunrises. But now the young singer, arrived among the finalists of Friends 21does not appear in the cast of the talent show of Canale 5 on Saturdays autumn nights.

Among other things, the announcement by Davide Maggio on the Stabile out of Tu Si Que Vales, done some time ago, had sparked a fuss of controversy on Social. Ergo, even if this hypothesis were true, it is clear that Maria De Filippi and his trusted staff may have changed their minds, fearing to annoy viewers by abandoning the girl.

Rodriguez is among the highest paid hosts

Belen Rodriguez began her career on the small screen in 2008 at I.alone of the Famous. In this edition of reality it is ranked second after Vladimir Luxuria. But that’s where it all started for her since her participation did not go – certainly – unnoticed and since then his career took off with the botto and his cachets have increased dramatically over time.

Today, according to some rumors, Belen would be one of the highest paid conductors of Italian television. The figures that pass through her hands are absolutely mind-boggling. Furthermore, it seems that between 2011 and 2018 they have been around 30,000 to 150,000 euros by presence or presentation.

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But then, with the inevitable passage of time, the figures would have increased even more and there are those who speak of compensation from 25,000 euros for an hour and a half of work.

The dancer’s cachet is unknown

There had been a lot of talk about it and apparently for Giulia Stabile the promise about her participation in Tu Si Que Vales alongside Belen Rodriguez it has been kept, much to the delight of its fans, who are more and more numerous. But how much would the cachet of the dancer? Today nThere is no mention of particularly important figures, but it is not known how much they amount. We remember then – for absolute reporting duty – that with the victory ad Friends the girl took home a booty of 237 thousand euros in gold tokens.

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