Sabrina Ferilli golden dress without bra, slit and transparencies: here she is at Tu si que vales

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The new and highly anticipated season of You Yes Que Vales for the immense joy of the numerous viewers who can’t wait to have fun and laugh out loud. But many of them are also curious to know which one I dress the beautiful with Sabrina Ferilli she showed up at the premiere. The shots are on Social.

The splendid Roman actress is ready to make us dream and entertain us once again. She will certainly be targeted again by the terrible Red Dwarf. But you know which dress she opted for to debut the new season of the Saturday evening program of Mediaset’s flagship network?

Sabrina Ferilli, the actress is always more beautiful and at the top

Sabrina Ferilli, as many write on social media, it is like wine: in fact the more time passes, the more beautiful it becomes. Long and silky hair, bright face and a physique at the top. Of course, Mother Nature has been – undoubtedly – very, very generous with her, but she – for her part – has not been watching and especially in recent yearsi is mainly dedicated to physical activity and to the continuation of a healthy and balanced diet.

Wonderful woman, during the summer of 2022, which has just ended, she delighted on Instagramwhere she is definitely active, her fans, very numerous, with shots, mostly in bathing suits, where she highlighted both the its excellent physicality that her extraordinary beauty, appearing even without a trickle of makeup.

But now the artist has returned to the base and recorded with her colleagues the first episode of You Yes Que Vales, where he has been a judge for years. Do you know which outfit he aimed for? She showed it to us with a real one photo album on Social


Golden dress and transparencies

A long and light dress, from impalpable, golden fabric, which highlighted her breasts, thanks to the presence of some clever transparencies. A look therefore to the I see and I do not see Very intriguing and sensual but by no means vulgar or unscrupulous for the immense joy of its supporters. Loose, slightly wavy hair featuring romantic waves and refined makeup with her gorgeous lips in the foreground.

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Breath to scream

Last but not least, here it is a gap– absolutely awesome – showing muscular, tanned legs! On her feet she wears a pair of pointed high-heeled and stiletto shoes by a very yellow color evident, practically highlighter. A touch of color and madness that are well suited to the show that Italians, including very young people, like so much. And who knows for this first episode what he will have concocted for her the terrible Giovannino

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