“Enough now”, Federica Panicucci out of control: outburst live

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Federica Panicucci lost her temper during her program due to a very important problem. Here’s what happened.

Federica Panicucci outburst – BedQuotidiano.it

The new television season has started a few days ago and among the programs that have returned to keep the viewers company there is also Morning 5 and she also returned with him Federica Panicucci.

The woman started the season not in the best way since during the first episodes her voice was completely non-existent and the audience had a lot of difficulty in understanding what she was saying. But the problem was not due to her health but to technical audio problems.

Federica Panicucci and the live commentary

However, despite this, the plays of the first episodes of Morning 5 they have been very profitable and she can feel satisfied with her work, despite the problem she had with her vocal cords.

These days, the Panicucci is doing a great job dealing with the subject of the death of the Queen Elizabeth II and with it all the news and scandals of the Royal Family from London.

The death of the Sovereign is an event that has shocked the whole world, as most of the population was born with the figure of Queen Elizabeth II at the command of the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the woman had always shown herself flawless and in top shape, even if in the last photos published two days before her departure there were clear signs that she was not in the best of ways.

Federica Panicucci – LettoQuotidiano.it

There Sovereign it has been for a long time, for 70 years, the reference point of its subjects and not only, as it has become a real icon also for its way of dressing and showing itself in public.

More than one Queen a real celebrity in that her history, what she went through and all the historical moments she lived made her become one of the most important women of the last century.

But what seemed impossible happened, the immortal Queen Elizabeth II She passed away and in her place her son took the throne, King Charles III flanked by his wife la Queen consort Camilla Shand.


There Panicucci, during the episode of September 15 she had a lot of fun seeing a video of the King Charles III who screams because of an ink pen that stains all of it.

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The presenter apologized for the hilarity born from watching the movie but found the moment really funny, wondering why the new Sovereign is given such a pen.

The fury of the host

But the laughter gave way to fury, because in that moment, the Panicucci tried to connect several times with program envoys on site a London, but for more than once the connection has had problems.

For this reason, the presenter had to interrupt and interface with the authors when at some point, she lost her temper due to the technical problems that were being had.

“Now that’s enough, so we can’t go on anymore!”

Federica Panicucci loses her temper live
Federica Panicucci – LettoQuotidiano.it

The woman was very annoyed by the situation as she was very keen to show her viewers the images of the English subjects who went to the Queen Elizabeth II to pay her the last tribute.

The outburst for many users seemed to be an accumulation of tensions also due to the problems encountered during the first episode where his audience had to be content with reading only his lip due to the audio defects born within the program.

A real surprise for viewers usually used to seeing the Panicucci always smiling without ever losing his temper live, but evidently this time he couldn’t help it.

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