The singer trembles with fear, the secret son she had as a girl appears

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An alleged secret son is literally making the famous singer tremble with fear: but how much truth is there in this whole story?

Over the years, many boys and girls have tried to gain notoriety by pretending to be the sons and daughters of some famous person. History teaches us this with Michael Jacksonwhich according to rumors has even about 3 unrecognized children scattered around the world, but also of some members of the Royal Family, even if in this case we will never have real confirmations, given the ability to hide any unspeakable secrets in the palace.


This time it’s up to a famous singer, with a purely Latin mold and who over the years has collected a lot of acclaim, either for her grit, or for a decidedly particular vocal timbre. She has often paired singing with Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera And Jennifer Lopez. In recent times she has had to face many problems, both family and economic and now an alleged son gets in the way. Yet something is not right, let’s find out more about the details!

The singer and the alleged secret son she had in adolescence: but the accounts do not add up

The Hollywood history, but also Italian history of actors, singers and members of the show always teaches us this: someone will always have ‘the vice’ and in most cases the child runs away, excusing us for the rather particular explanation, and yet it is so. It was sensational, for example Brando Murphycomedian who claimed to be the son of Eddie Murphy, but never recognized. The actor had already recognized Angela in the past, he had with Melanie Brownsinger of Spice Girls.

Steve Tylerfrontman of the Aerosmitha few days after his marriage in 1979 he recognized his daughter Lev had from a one night stand with the model Bebe Buell, the two still have a wonderful relationship to this day and he himself wanted his daughter to collaborate in some of his video clips. In Italy it was Massimo Ranieri one of the pioneers of ‘recognized children’, in fact after a relationship with Franca Sebastianiin 1995 the Court officially recognized her as the daughter of Calone Cristina, then presented in public by the singer himself.


This time to have been accused of neglect of a minor is none other than the singer Shakiraalready quite tried by the separation with the ex-husband and footballer Gerard Piqué and for some problems with the Spanish tax authorities. A few days ago, in fact, a 30-year-old boy, Pedro, denounced both her and her alleged father for abandoning him. The pop star Santiago Alarcònin some videos on his profile Instagram he explained the story to the fans, declaring that for the first time he received a message with the words ‘Hi Dad’ from Pedro himself four years ago and that, since that moment, everything has gone wrong.

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According to Pedro, he would be his biological father and his real mother Shakira. He asked for a compensation of 835 million dollars, also calling into question a harassment suffered by Santiago himself. The news itself is a bit strange, but what makes it even less credible is Pedro’s age. Born in 1991, Shakira was 14 that year and Santiago barely reached 12. Surely the alleged illegitimate child will have to provide much more truthful details if he does not want to take serious risks!

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