Meghan versus Kate, the confrontation in front of the Queen’s coffin

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Meghan vs Kate: apparently the eternal confrontation between the two spouses of the two brothers, princes of the British Royal family, does not subside and the confrontation of the future Queen with the Duchess of Sussex has left no room for doubt. Here’s what happened in such a delicate moment for the Royale Family.

The wife of Harryalways harshly criticized, after the decision to renounce the royal titles, was compared with the wife of Williamsnew Prince of Wales.

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It did not come out victorious Markle: the fight Meghan versus Kate for many of the subjects it was won by the next Queen consort of England. Let’s find out what happened.

Meghan against Kate in front of Elizabeth II’s body

These are days that are far from simple for the English royal family, who found themselves, with the sad event of the disappearance of Elizabeth IIwhich took place on 8 September, to have to face the immense pain for the death of the sovereign and also to manage the complicated protocol, foreseen by the strict royal rules.

A detailed and meticulous plan, written in the 1960s and then updated every three months. The protocol dictates the law on any behavior that the Royal Family will have to hold in the aftermath of His Majesty’s death. As part of these scrupulous procedures, ample space is given to the body of the Queen which must be carried in‘Westminster Abbey in order to allow the subjects to extend their final greetings. The body of Elizabeth II went through two different ‘stages’just to allow everyone to address their last thoughts to the Monarch and express their personal symbolic homage.

The Duchess of Sussex ‘defeated’ by the future Queen

So to welcome the crowds who came to express their personal symbolic homage, they presented themselves Harry and Meghan and Kate with William. At this point the two women of the royal couples were compared, with a result that, for most, leans in favor of the future Queen of England.


According to those who have observed with extreme attention the gestures, the movements, the facial expressions of Kate and Meghanthe latter would not really have been grieved by the Queen’s death Elizabeth II. The wife of the Prince of Wales instead, with her mouth closed, her forehead furrowed, her eyes sad, she seemed visibly distraught.

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Body language says a lot to those who can decode it, and according to some, the Duchess of Sussex would have betrayed herself, expressing only apparent pain. A sort of staging to inflate one’s emotions a little.

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It was also highlighted which he pointed out as in the opinion of some Meghan would draw heavily from her background as an actress to stage despair with facial expressions that have lasted too long, while Kate she would be the perfect future queen attentive to protocol and to keep crying at bay.

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