Orietta Berti takes him out: “Eliminated first”

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Orietta Berti could immediately face one of the most discussed competitors of this new edition of Big Brother Vip

Singer Orietta Berti (RaiPlay screenshot)

The new edition of the Big Brother Vip but the controversies seem to be on the agenda by now. In these hours the portal Davide Maggio has decided to publish the names of the next contestants of the reality thus burning the surprise effect to which Alfonso Signorini worked for weeks.

The list of names attracted the attention of the public who immediately focused on some of them. There is one profile in particular that seems to have already hit everyone and not in a positive way: it is the former gieffino and former tronista Daniele Dal Moro.

Her profile seems not to be liked by the public due to some of her past behaviors. A kind of attitude that may not even convince Orietta Berti and that is why the viewers have already submitted their request.

Orietta Berti can’t believe it, they want him out immediately: storm over Daniele Dal Moro

Former tronista Daniele Dal Moro (Instagram screenshot)

Daniele Dal Moro has undoubtedly left its mark on its edition of Big Brother Nip with Barbara D’Urso at the helm. The well-known entrepreneur from Verona was at the center of a push and pull with his companion Martina Nasoni. In addition, he often found himself at the center of heated confrontations because of his shopping and his ideas about food.

However, the entrepreneur also showed off during his brief experience on the throne of Men and women. This is not only because he left the throne without making his choice of him but also because during the journey he used to inquire about the weight and nutrition of his suitors.

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A behavior that has negatively affected the public that in these hours has poured on social media to express all the discontent. Many have wondered if he will enter the house and once again will have to say about the weight of the other competitors: Will Dal Moro enter with the scales?. And again: Dal Moro out to the first nomination, I can’t stand it“,” Was that what the weight asked of men and women to suitors? “.

Not a start of the best for the former tronista who will therefore have to face the sharp comments of the public. If in his first edition of the reality show he finished third, this time he risks going out to the first nomination.

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