the unusual theme of his thesis

the unusual theme of his thesis
the unusual theme of his thesis
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Far from the races, Federica Pellegrini, married for a few days with her Matteo Giunta, can finally crown a dream, which has remained in the drawer for a long time: finish their studies and graduate. Now that the preparation for the wedding has also been completed, the champion is ready to go back behind the counters where, on September 29th, she will receive a honorary degree. He will do it by challenging the sports system, often too “male”, with a thesis focused on the menstrual cycle in the competitive world.

Federica Pellegrini’s dream: to go back to studying

After the conclusion of her competitive career, before continuing in the world of swimming with new roles, Federica Pellegrini decided to take time for yourself, and to make some of his dreams come true. Fresh from the wedding with his former coach, Matteo Giunta, the champion, who in recent days we have also admired at the Venice Film Festival, he decided to resume his studies.

In fact, one of the things she had been forced to give up during her sports career was the university, but now Federica is back to work, preparing a thesis with a really interesting focus, a taboo in the world of sport, often concentrated only on male needs, which he wanted to address at all costs.

Her work is titled “Women and sports performance: how the menstrual cycle can influence their performance”.

There is no study on a sporting level, side effects and consequences”Explained Pellegrini speaking of her thesis. “I did it with the psychologist Bruna Rossi, we have tried to regularize and calculate the cycle. I take the pill. But if I talk about these things I fall into the kind of little woman struggling with her problems, uninteresting. The cycle does not agree with the myth. “

A strong, open message to themes that should also be common in sport, but which are often treated as feminine, therefore to be avoided. But Federica has won many races, and she is ready to give her all in this one too.

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Not only, on 29 September, the swimming champion will receive an honorary degree at the San Raffaele University of Rome. So, after medals and cups, the laurel wreath arrives. She will be awarded the title during a ceremony, which will be attended by well-known personalities from the world of sport, such as Giovanni Malagò, president of Coni and a great friend of Pellegrini.

The marriage with Matteo Giunta

Federica Pellegrini’s honorary degree comes one month after her wedding with Matteo Giunta, celebrated on August 27, in Venice, in the church of San Zaccaria. The two said yes in front of 160 guestsand the Divine has moved everyone, beautiful in her white dressdesigned by the Venetian designer Nicole Cavallo, and 4 meters of train.

After the ceremony, the couple reached the Marriott Hotel on the Isle of Roses by speedboat, where the wedding reception was held in the evening. Among the guests many sportsmen and celebrities: the swimmers Alice Mizzau, Martina Carraro, Sara Franceschi, Laura Letrari and Chiara Massini Lucetti (bridesmaids), Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the chef Iginio Massari and Domenico Fioravanti.

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