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Royal Family, these foods are absolutely forbidden: fatal risk for them

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The Royal Family is paying homage to the late Queen Elizabeth II and the celebrations are done by meticulously respecting the royal protocol but also the will of the beloved sovereign.

In the front row, obviously perfectly in line with real duties, Charles who was crowned King Charles III. By her side, as always, Camilla Parker Bowles who received the royal charge of Queen consort.

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Hard and painful moments, those that the Royal Family is going through, after the sudden disappearance of Elizabeth II. Nobody will forget the official message arrived in the afternoon that warned the subjects of the deterioration of the health of the Queen. The news that no one wanted to hear has arrived and the Royals, along with the whole world, are grieving for the lost of an icon of the twentieth century. Despite the delicate moment, it is not possible for them to act without taking into account what they can and cannot do and this also reaches the sphere of food. Not only prohibitions concerning clothing and decoration, the Royal family has a list of foods that are strictly prohibited. Do you know what they are?

Royal Family, the prohibitions of the royal protocol

There Royal Family enjoys privileges but you have to comply also and scrupulously a precise directives which are part of the British royal tradition. In addition to dresses, where only certain colors are allowed, the size of the skirt or even the shades of enamel, the Royals they can’t eat all they want.

There are strictly prohibited foods which they cannot taste, as they are considered dangerous or also unwelcome by the closest members of the Royal Family. Dishes that can create unpleasant noises after eating them are also prohibited. Some are truly amazing.

Here’s what’s off-limits to close members of the Royal Family

There Royal Family can’t eat there pasta, for us Italians it seems incredible but it is so. Pasta could create noises Not wanted after tasting it. Garlic and onion, among the most forbidden, because the smell is unpleasant. Also seafood they cannot be served on the royal table because i clams I can create intoxication And allergy.

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Official banquets were forbidden potatoes because you do not like the queen but no prohibition at home. Same thing for the white eggs which are banned from the backgammon. Even the Foie gras cannot be eaten. This ban was imposed by Charles because of the cruelty reserved for geese to produce it.

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Among the things highly prohibited there are obviously tap water which can contain bacteria And parasites and the unseasonable fruit and vegetables. On the royal table they must attend, seasonal foods without adding anything artificial.

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