Manuela Arcuri sexy bomb at 45: the photo in lingerie conquers social media!

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Talented actress with breathtaking beauty, Manuela Arcuri is one of the most loved TV faces by the public. She gained popularity thanks to her sensuality, but over time she proved to be a very good artist. Protagonist of many successful fiction from a few years Manuela has chosen to reduce her professional commitments to dedicate himself to his son Mattia with whom he has a special relationship.

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Manuela Arcuri timeless beauty and sensuality

Over the past few weeks Manuela is married for the second time with Giovanni Di Gianfrancesco, a happy marriage to which the actress pays a lot of attention. Active on social media as required, Manuela shares moments of everyday working life but also private of her, and does not fail to cheer her followers with some beauty advice. Despite his 45 years, a motherhood behind Manuela Arcuri still shows a physique on the verge of perfection. She recently shared a post where she shows off in lingerie. side A perfect and curves in the right place Manuela has nothing to envy to her younger colleagues.

The post had, as expected, a relevant media echo: social comments were wasted and the Arcuri was filled with compliments. A success for the actress who for now has no intention of returning to work full time. Every year she receives from her Signorini the proposal to participate in the Big Brotherbut she feels that the time for reality TV has not yet come: “The right time has not yet come”.

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Manuela Arcuri: “Here are my beauty secrets”

In a recent interview with Today Manuela Arcuri has revealed some of her beauty secrets. The actress reported that she has no magic formulas, but only follows healthy habits: a healthy diet, moderate movement and some pampering at the spa.


I walk a lot. Every day for more than an hour. I like it and it makes me feel good. I avoid the elevator and try to move as much as possible. With a baby at home I never stop. I love water aerobics and when it rains and I can’t walk I go to the gym to do some cardio or dance training. ” Finally, he reassured that he had not yet resorted to retouching: “No retouching, I only use natural products”.

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