“This I want from them”. The illegitimate son of the sovereign of England returns

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A man named Simon Charles Dorante -Day would be the illegitimate son of King Charles and his wife Camilla. After the death of Queen Elizabeth he returns with new requests: he would like part of the inheritance. Let’s see in more detail a story that has the absurd.

The illegitimate son of King Charles and Camilla, or rather the one who declares himself as such, has returned to make shocking declarations. According to the reconstruction one such Simon would be the eldest son of the couple Carlo – Camilla born when the two had a clandestine affair at the age of 17, 18 years.

Simon, even before he died there Queen Elizabeth, she had claimed her rights as ruler but now that the woman has passed away it seems that does not want to give up at all. Indeed, it is precisely in this delicate moment that he wants to insinuate himself in the will of the Queen and occupy the place he thinks he is. deserve within the royal family.

Simon Charles Dorante Day stated in a recent interview his grief for the loss of his grandmother’s alleged deathto: “When my grandmother Lilibet died, I was overwhelmed by messages of condolence. I am in mourning, but also sorry because I have missed another opportunity to resolve the issue in the right way, peacefully ”.

Simon Charles’s thesis

Simon has been affirming for many years of being the son of Carlo and Camilla. The man now lives in Australia where he moved when he was a few months old as he was adopted by his foster family. He was born in 1966 in the UK but now has a very large family, Charles is the father of 9 children. But what is the connection with the royal family?

Apparently Simon would have learned from his grandparents how the latter were respectively cook and gardener at the Royal Palace. For Simon, therefore, this is an important step that connects him directly to Buckingham Palace and to the current one King of the United Kingdom, Charles III.

Loudly Simon requests DNA testing in order to prove his thesis and he confesses that every track he sought with respect to his origins inevitably leads to Carlo and Camilla. In fact, according to what was reconstructed by the man, Camilla during her alleged pregnancy did not participate in several public outings while Queen Elizabeth would remain unaware of the story until the birth of the child.

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After, however, having known little Simon and after realizing that the child was born out of wedlock, Queen Elizabeth ordered that the little one be entrusted to another family far away from London.

According to Simon, his reconstruction fits perfectly, which is why he turned to high Sydney Court: to initiate a lawsuit against the Duchy of Cornwall and discover the truth once and for all.

That Simon wants to take advantage of such a delicate moment for the royal family to make his way in the legacy of some of the most influential people in the world? Updates are expected.

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